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Hey lovely Abs, I am about to listen and thought, I must actually comment, I listen every day and always plan to but I'm usually doing a million things at same time!! Am a single mum to a 9 Yr old so life is hectic, and she is struggling with anxiety and has ADHD so I got it all going on! Am such a huge fan and bloody adore u, miss you muchly on Twatter, but fuck them, plenty of other platforms, like this! Thanks for all you do, I'm with you on all of it 💪 this shitshow has been hard, I feel mentally done in but empowered that I speak my truth and am proud of that, you massively help keep me up as well 😊 and you might just be a little bit funny sometimes 🤣🤣😘 you have me howling! Anyways I want to try and jump on more often as love the substack familam, and love the idea of a show and everyone meeting, that would be bloody awesome. Lots of love to you and the tribe, Rach xx #staystupid

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Hello All, I took my youngest daughter into Town today (Oxford city centre) she wanted some bits & pieces from primarni. I rarely leave my house (another story) but fuck me, I was absolutely horrified at young parents who were pushing small children in their pushchairs who I’d say were around 18 months to two years in fucking face masks 🤬 one small child I’d passed at least twice wearing a red mask seemed quite content while his shitty parents weren’t even wearing a face nappy... what the fuck is that about?? This boils my piss to the point I question humanity.

Is this a question of look at me... great parent or a case of child abuse 🤷🏻‍♀️ fucking wrong. - that was my day!!

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Hi Abi, firstly it was Trudi's idea about the meet up. I just had the same thought too.

Thanks for reading Edwin's Sparrow and I'm pleased you liked it. I read that book during the first lockdown and tbh i was finding it difficult to deal with and his book really resonated and helped me. I'm not a big reader, but love Neil Oliver's style. I usually read before I go to bed because as you say, the days are very busy and its one of the only times I get a bit of peace and quiet 😊.

For me I think it showed that life is brief and we should treasure it, but also having faith, in this case christianity, helps us to cope with the dark times. And although we don't know what's ahead, if we have that faith, it will carry us through. I am never been religious, but I do look at things differently since the lockdown shit show and I can see why people do have faith because it gives comfort and reassurance. I suppose like the poem last week, people will interpret it in their own way. I certainly like the idea of the sparrow, as you said a delicate and beautiful little thing.

Sorry to hear about your Stuart Little problem. I wouldn't be able to sleep either if I knew it was running about 🐀🐁😊.

Short and sweet tonight Abi, thank you xx

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Evening Abs, and all.

Oops a Stuart Little, not nice. It's the speed they race around that gives me the heebie jeebies.

Thanks to Louise for the meaningful reading, really good. I so admire Neil Oliver, what a calm , insightful man he is. Thanks be to GBNews for Neil's regular musings, I am always spellbound. Also admire Calvin , and was so pleased when he was finally ordained recently. And what about brave Mark Steyn, speaking out about the you know what, and stating he doesn't care if Ofcom comes after him. What a man!

I still have my decorator in working all this week, hopefully finished soon, so house is upside down for now, which makes me a bit twitchy, as I like tidiness, although not obsessed with it, it's just "HELP, where is so and so?" ( excuse to do no housework though, so all good)

Catch up soon everyone. Love to you all.. Jan S ..x

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Yikes re: the mouse. I can relate to this Abi. About once a year we have one racing about in the loft. I send my OH up there and he uses bait and trap. I can't sleep until it's sorted and I can hear no more noise. Lovely reading thanks Louise.

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Abi, I hate mice and rats so I sympathise with your paranoia! I’m hoping that my lovely greyhound will keep the vermin out of my garden flat.

I write lists every day and without them I would forget so many things. I don’t complete all the tasks, just rewrite a list for the following day😂

I loved the reading and find that as I get older I rely more on my faith. It’s a shame that the church was not open to support us during the covid bs. Neil Oliver’s weekly monologue generally mirrors my feelings. I am so looking forward to your new characters Abi x

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Omg!!! I’ve just seen the new characters 🤣🤣🤣🤣, Abi Roberts, you have truly excelled yourself.... 👏👏👏🥳🥳🥳🤣🤣🤣

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Living in a semi rural village I get a little mouse paying a visit every now and then, I’m not scared of them but they’re so bloody unpredictable and decide to run across the room just as as I start to relax! I never sleep properly when there’s a mouse in the house as I always imagine that it’ll crawl over me while I’m asleep!

I would love to meet up with the Substack family as we are so cool aren’t we? I’m still on my jolly holidays in Devon but you’re all with me, have a fab evening everyone! x

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Great reading today, thanks Louise, it was wonderful 😊

I’d be having a sleep over at someone’s house if I had a mouse😳

Stuart Little🤣🤣🤣

Thanks for the acknowledgment, we kinda put you in a situation 🤣🤣

Have a great evening all 👍💖

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Hi Rachel,

Welcome to the family 💖

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