Evening Abi, evening all,

Hope you’re all good?

So glad that you’re back in the twitterverse🥳🥳

Guess today’s sound effects 😂😂😂

I know what you mean about feeling odd. I’ve felt out of sorts today over something really daft so I’ve hibernated today.

I just keep saying to myself ,”this time next week, it will be over”.

You’ll have your sister and your wonderful nephews to bring a smile to your face and distract you from feeling odd🥰🥰🥰

Rise was a riot ... I bloody loved it 😂

There’s something so sexy about Prince. Seeing him perform on his love sexy tour, the way he moves( bet he was a great shag) 😬🫣😂😂

I chuckled when I seen that reply about your hair 😂😂.The way they made no reference to the ebook 🤡

Don’t know who this bloke is that you’re on about, let him get on with it... Jealousy is such an ugly emotion 👍

If he has nothing better to do then trawl through years of your tweets. Well, it says more about HIM than you.

Oh and you don’t need to justify yourself either, you’re not the only one.


Add him to the wall of cunts, as that’s what he is. He won’t trash this ebook, he can’t fucking touch it.

Please remove him from your thoughts and enjoy your evening and your interview.

We love you and appreciate you💖💜💖💜

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I haven’t seen a single bad tweet I didn’t even see the hair one......we were chuckling at that ‘fucking prick’ 😂 what a busy day you’ve had you’ll be knackered. You’re doing some brilliant work Abi,let the haters hate......fuck em....they are sent to try us and they can keep their negative energy.

Trudi,Prince has always given me the boak..... but tbf that is some sexy gee-tar playing.

We are having a v quiet Xmas,things aren’t the same anymore are they? I don’t want to be a mood hoover and am happy for anyone who enjoys it,especially as everything is so shit. I just want it over with. So totally get u Abs and Trudi,you must be feeling it bad. I thought you hit the nail on the head Abi when u said ‘enforced jollity’.


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I watched ‘while my guitar gently weeps” you’re not kidding about Prince he was amazing, George Harrison’s son is standing behind him and the smile on his face says it all. I love all the 70’s rock but now I’m just showing my age!

It’s wonderful to have you back on Twitter Abi and I think it’s inevitable that you will get knobheads like Irvine who have massive insecurities and feel the need to bring others down.

We love you Abs and appreciate everything you do, our substack family is the best!

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I cheered out loud when I saw you back on Twitter Abi. Twitter still has its issues but it is a means to reach so many people. It feels like being isolated if we are not on Twitter as it is such a big platform. GETTR is great but doesn’t have the reach as yet.

Wow, I just loved when my guitar gently weeps, what a great line up of musicians.

BLM got a pass from the government and Police to protest without harassment. A lockdown march was treated very differently, two-tier policing.

Bob Irvine replied to a tweet of mine but tbh his criticism of you Abi didn’t make any sense to me. Things and people are certainly sent to test us💖

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Hi Abs just watched Black Hawk Down and thought of you😂, the 23rd of December was my Bab's funeral 2015 so I haven't celebrated Christmas since then, you mentioned columbos dog ( I have series 3) I got my self a new German shepherd called Radley, rescue dog nuts as FUCK.. sending hugs.

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Hi Abi great to see you and Charlotte on Rise. So good to hear that you will be doing another Delingpole event 'up north'. I'm going to do everything I can to go to that! There are some really good alternative platforms out there that are doing the job msm should he doing. The msm are just getting less and less relevant with each passing month. Winter months are not great don't like the short dark days at all. The lack of sunshine has such a negative impact on people's moods and well being. If I'm feeling down I watch programmes that make me laugh like Fools and horses and one foot in the grave. Robin Williams on the Michael Parkinson show and videos of Billy Connelly. I also love watching uplifting feelgood films old and new. Like you and others have said Abi, music is so important and can transform how you feel. If the weather is crisp and sunny, walking in the countryside is guaranteed to shift your mood. As for Christmas, there are so many things going on at the moment, I have no idea how things will pan out. Just taking it one day at a time, not even trying to plan, just moving out of the way, not forcing or resisting, just allowing things to unfold naturally. It will be whatever it will be. Hope everyone is well, have a good week!

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Hi Abi.

Glad you’re back on Twitterspace .

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Thanks so much! Don't lower your energy or frequency on Ben Irvine. He just has a crush on BJ. And loads more rock. My favourite of all is SRV. Hendrix's greatest pupil-other than Prince!

And love ELO-saw them live in the 70s!

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Yeah. ... FUVK YOU IRVILE!! 💪💪😉

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