Happy Monday Abi,

As the world becomes a darker place I like your idea of a parallel society where we live with hope, comfort and meaning. It may be the only future for us.

Sky called our women’s football team heroines 😂😂 God help us. I replied to a post on Twitter yesterday that I’m not the least bit interested in women’s football. I was then called a loser, a misogynist and a sexist prat by three different women🤷‍♀️ Whatever happened to being able to express an opinion🙈

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Hi Abs and all the Substackers, hope you’re all ok and had a great weekend.

August birthdays, Benjamin’s due date was 24th August, he was born on 31st, bless him💙

Omg!! When you mentioned the football, I was waiting for you to do sweet Caroline, if you had have done, I’d have unsubscribed 😂😂😂

Never watched it, nor do I particularly care.

Big butch Bev( fka Brian) is bound to want in on the action 🤢🤢🤢🤢

Sunny day in Leicestershire and quite warm.

How’s the merchandise coming along? I’ve waited forever 😜

Can’t think what else to say so on that note, it’s a cheerio from moi 😊

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Hi Abi, when I saw 'women's football ' in the title of the podcast, I thought oh no! But thank God you feel the same as me about this. I just don't get it 🤔. I hate football full stop, whoever's playing. I find the sums of money the premier league players get, obscene.

I saw a clip on GB News of all those in Trafalgar square. It reminded me of pictures they show of citizens of North Korea where they have to smile and wave flags. In other words, fake. I think people feel they have to be on board and cheer and wave because they daren't do anything else. Its all virtue signalling crap. They have played a game of football, big wow! How amazing! If you like football that's your choice, but don't start calling them heroines, jesus christ. I am seriously fed up with the topsy turvy, clown planet world we live in and I hate all this distraction crap.

What about talking about those police officers arresting someone for posting a meme or those young girls being groomed? Why do people fall for this crap? So yes Abi, please bring on the parallel society ASAP because I can't cope much more with this crazy world we're in.

I agree about the exercise btw. I think when it's in your routine, it becomes addictive and you dont want to miss it. I take an hour's walk every day and exercise 5 out of 7 days. It's so good for your mental health too. Plus I listen to this fabulous podcast while I exercise. You may have heard of it, Abi Daily 😉😊.

See you tomorrow xx

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So true Suzyv. The Twitter mob would no doubt have been the same type of people who abused me in shops for never wearing a mask. The same type of people who dropped me as their friend for not complying and having the 💉but I rise above it🍸

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I think it’s about time you binned that personal trainer 😂

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