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And then there's 'Hildegard von Bingen - Voices of Angels - Voices of Ascension' youtube.com/watch?v=v6qFCYRQKVA

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It seems Hildegard foresaw that one day her music would be shared on the internet:

"In this vision my soul, as God would have it, rises up high into the vault of heaven and into the changing sky and spreads itself out among different peoples, although they are far away from me in distant lands and places."

'Hildegard of Bingen was a creative force. Her prolific contributions transcended her theological dedication to include art, music, natural science, and medicine. Her work in the natural world and visionary theology contributed to advancement in both theology and medicine, eventually earning her sainthood in 2012...

Throughout the latter years of her monastic life, Hildegard produced volumes of music alongside her other work. She composed 77 unique works of music, including one of her better-known works, Ordo Virtutum (Play of the Virtues), a musical play on morality.

One of the most well-known German composers of the Middle Ages

Her creations filled the chambers of the Abbey some 650 years before Beethoven. In a time when composition itself was held to a remarkably high standard and when women, especially in monasteries, were not only expected to possess such talent but also to use it, she surprised her contemporaries with a rate of composition that was likely unmatched until well into the Renaissance – three hundred years later...' healthyhildegard.com/hildegard-of-bingen-music/

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Music is healing

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Amadeus is one of the most under-rated films ever. Every frame is sublime.

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