I think it's fab that you attend all the marches. I'd love to be part of that. I think it does make a difference because although MSM won't acknowledge the marches, lots of people who attend post images ,so it is being seen which is important.

I agree with you about Eurovision and as you say, so many of these C list celebrities are just so out of touch and in their own little bubbles that they seem to have forgotten the last two years, but then again I suppose they are all blue pulled aren't they? But like you I couldn't give a toss about Eurovision and anyway I think we'll have bigger fish to fry by the time Eurovision comes around again. So, so many people dont have a clue what's happening and will be in for a shock or maybe they won't and just queue up for the next booster and monkey pox jab and think how good they are for protecting everyone 🙄🤦‍♀️. Christ! I dont know what's more scary, the economy crashing and 'the agenda' or the people who have fell for all the BS.

So keep on marching for us Abi and keep on doing what you're doing because I think it's fabulous! Be seeing you tomorrow x

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👍👏👏kudos on making time to March abi.

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Great videos and photos from your march Abi 💪

Listened to Shillitz song earlier and seen his meme 🤣🤣🤣

Hope everyone had a great weekend 👍💖

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That was a great listen Abi, really interesting about your fitness levels after a month. Very inspirational - I am a little on the chubby side & want to get fitter, not so much weight loss but fitter. My dear dad passed away four years ago & I let my grief take me down a slippery slope of comfort eating 🐷 - Also I want to get fitter to hop on a train & start coming to these freedom marches! They sound really good... I once joined one here in Oxford with a friend & realised they were all bat shit crazy vegans 😬

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Hi all, hope everyone's OK!

Pleased to hear you managed to get to the march, Abi, at least social media gets it all out there, as we know MSM doggedly refuses to even mention them.

It's lovely to have a chill out hairdo isn't it, and a chat with your like-minded stylist.

I remember Columbo from years ago, we saw the programme almost every week, he always sussed out the guilty bods really quickly.

You're right about Muggy Monday, it's 'orrible here, so clammy , it saps your energy..

Away to catch up with all now

Loadsa luv to all, take it easy.. xxxx

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You obviously had a great time on the march Abi. Like you I feel that we are making progress in the fight to make people aware of vaccine damage. This was never about health but all about control. When all is said and done we will be on the right side of history.

Eurovision has always left me cold but now it is the biggest bore of all time. Anyone who likes music cannot enjoy Eurovision.

Thank you for the daily pleasure of your podcasts x

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Pissing down and freezing in the North West. Shite

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