Sorry to hear things were so bad for Maxine and Robin. Thinking of them. God Carol Malone was dreadful last night cant wait to hear your take. Not impressed with Dan who should have intervened at her shouting all over poor Bev Turner.

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To Maxine and Robin,

Thankyou for sharing such personal stories. Maxine, my heart breaks for you all. I also hope that your son is doing better, bless him. Give him a massive squeeze from meπŸ’™. Also, I send your mum love .

Thinking of you allπŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™


I am proud of you for sharing your story and again, I hope that you are doing well and that you are receiving the support you deserve.

We must never forget what has been inflicted on us during this shit show.

I must also reiterate how grateful we are to Abi for enabling our voices to be heard.

I urge anyone who is feeling alone to please speak up.

We are a fantastic bunch of people..REAL people.

Sending my love to Maxine, Robin and everyone here.

You are never alone

Good luck tonight Abi πŸ‘πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–

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Thank you very much Abi for reading the emails from Maxine and Robin, detailing their misery with such compassion. I agree with Alison about Malone last night, screeching over Bev who was quite unable to get her points over. I also think Dan should have intervened , listening to her spouting her misinformation.. The country has become divided into those who listen to nothing but MSM, and those of us who have known almost from the start , of this inhumane wrecking of people's lives. May those responsible get their comeuppance soon.

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Wow! I have the goosebumps all over. What harrowing accounts. Each of these stories are heartbreaking. It makes me so angry because they knew the damage would be massive. They knew and did it anyway. To have one death in the family is hard to bear, but to have three OMG! You must be so strong inside Maxine. And Robin my heart goes out to you. This was all done to save lives and save the NHS. I am so, so angry on your behalf. To have the courage to ask for help and then be treated as you were

is unforgivable. As Abi says the scum that inflicted this on us need to be held to account. Right now Boris wants to sign us up to the WHO treaty which gives them the power to control us during any future pandemics. They won't control me or mine again. We must resist. There are 2 weeks left before the conference where it will be signed. Write to your MP'S. They must be stopped. We cannot let these unelected organisations control us. I send a big hug to both Maxine and Robin and hope you have the support you deserve to cope with the nightmares you have been through. Thanks again Abi and all the best for the comedy show tonight xx

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