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I am blown away by these experiences. My heart goes out to the freedom fighter lady. It's hard when you see the brain washed people lapping up the BS about the vaccines etc, but when its your own family. This must be extremely hard for you. My eldest son believes all the covid nonsense. My husband and I did everything we could to try to persuade him not to take the vaccine, but he did and I worry what damage has been caused and what awaits him in the future. I am not a religious person, but I now do pray for my son and for all of us. There are dark forces at play here and it does scare me. To Alex...after hearing your story, my first thoughts are why the hell are the 'vaccines' still being given? Why are the injured and families of those killed by the ' vaccines 'being ignored? It is an absolute disgrace . What an horrific ordeal for you and your family and I'm sure like many, you took the vaccine because it was sold to the nation as 'protection ' for the vulnerable and that everyone needed to 'do their bit'. It is unbelievable that you and the growing number of injured people coming forward have been effectively abandoned by the government. These stories should be headline news everywhere and yet with the exception of GB News, you would never know. Those who have orchestrated the last 24+ months need to be held to account. I send my best wishes and love to both of you on the podcast today. Thanks again Abi, without you these stories would not get the hearing they deserve x

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