Some days it all gets too much doesn't it. Have to blank it out... but then ... Abi to the rescue! Always comforting to listen to your Pods Abi. When I start feeling there is no hope you turn me around. Thank you❤️

Just been told my Mom's care home is in "full outbreak" .. ya that's the fear mongering term they use. Part of the protocol I guess 🤬 Bloody Hell it's enough with this 💩. They received a "nice" letter from me about this continual "nonsense". I feel I can't just let it ride.. it's all so bloody evil.

Busy wrapping birthday presents for my beautiful granddaughter as I listened this evening. She's 6 years old tomorrow bless her.

Thanks again Abi for always being the voice of truth and reality.

Peace and Love you lovely bunch xo

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Agree about this being a spiritual war. Literally good versus evil. They don't care anymore, it's all in your face and blatant. People seem so brainwashed that they will brush aside all the proof and evidence in the world.

We need backbones of steel to see this through. Too many jelly spined people around.

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Rishi Sunak and big pharma literally coralling babies and children to their possible demise. So with millions of babies being aborted each year, children and adults dying fom the experimental gene therapy, this doesn't bode well for humanity. They are jabbing the population to extinction. But that's the real goal isn't it?

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Hi Abi. I saw you at the Delingpod thing last Sunday, what an amazing event. I love your podcast, at last someone as angry as me! In response to vaxx for the pregnant women. Yes they are still doing it, my daughter who had a baby two months ago was continually offered and treated like an idiot for declining. Her she ster in law vaxxed to max, 3 miscarriages and a late pregnancy baby with no heartbeat.

Anyway going on a bit. Quite right Hancock should be swinging no f'ing rewriting history in Australia! Total cunt, not alone I know.

Going ion a bit now, rock on Abi. You are so right. Much love 💕💕💕

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You are absolutely write Abi, it's almost like those 2 prats are a distraction whinging about how hard there lives are. It's almost as if other news has disappeared.

Question for ask Abi anything. What is your take on the 15 children who have now passed away from Strep A. Truly scary times xxx

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Agree with you on Tice. Oakshott cosying up to Hancock she had him as her first guest on her short lived GB News show and now Tice is at his book launch 🤮. What a fake. Trouble is who else is there as you say.

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It was unbelievable to hear Sunak say that the jabs are safe and effective, what a liar. Even more sickening to hear the cheering in the House by the other MPs when he made that statement. The evidence is there for all to see that the jabs are anything but safe and effective. The government is already paying people that have been vaccine damaged. It makes me lose hope when Sunak gets away with such blatant lies.

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AAA Hello Abi and fam, my question today is what do you think of Richard Tice’s nickname? Apparently because he had some turbo charged wanky car at college (or somewhere) he was called DICK TURBO HAHAHAHAAA! This was on Talk Megan TV this morning and before I get chastised I DO NOT watch it, but my darling husband listens to it when I’m taking him to work so I sometimes have to suffer it if I’ve forgotten my earphones ( which I put in and listen to Deep Purple to drown out the excrement)

Lots of love - Jo

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I saw the clip of Andrew Bridgen yesterday. The dismissive, patronising reply from Sunak was sickening. How on earth can he say it's safe and effective when thousands of people have been injured or killed by the jabs? The way the injured are being pushed aside is absolutely disgusting. In a normal world the jabs would have been stopped because of so many injuries, but alas we are not in a normal world. I heard an advert on the radio at work for pregnant women to get the jab. It's a disgrace and as you say, the cheers that went up in the H of C when Sunak said the jabs were safe...spine chilling. Whichever way you look at it it is unforgivable. The MP's either still believe the covid narrative which is just unbelievable because there's so much coming to light now or they are all in on it and know that these jabs are designed to mame and kill. They are either stupid, incompetent or just pure evil. I think the latter.

We are living in seriously fucked up times where our government, who let's not forget we did not vote for, want to squash us under foot in one way or another and they are blatantly destroying this country. Whether its the jabs, cost of lockdown crisis, letting in all these illegal immigrants, all this trans nonsense and destruction of women and their rights and bringing in CBDC so they can track our every move. The list could go on and on. I am angry at the whole shit show and there are days I have to switch off, but I have a constant feeling in my stomach that something is coming, an ominous feeling that never goes away. That's because we know they are wanting to drastically change our way of life, I understand that, but I'll admit to you now, it scares the crap out of me.

So glad to be part of this community and I do take comfort from all of you who feel as I do. I've just got to keep on keeping on, but it's hard isn't it?

Question for AAA: when and where will we be able to see the long awaited wall of cunts?

Best wishes to all on here 🥰xx

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Hi all!

Are you familiar with Karen Kingston, a biotechnology analyst? She has done some amazing work. She says ' there is no such thing as an mRNA vaccine. Stop calling it that.' It is a gene editing bioweapon designed to cause disease, disabilities and death.

Had to get that off my chest. We have to call it what it is. ' Deathshot' is perfectly acceptable too.

My best friend who has had 3 deathshots in order to work, has just been diagnosed with clots in one lung and cancer in the other. We will be the ones who will have to look after them, as our hospital systems are crumbling and not acknowledging the true cause of this catastrophe.

Love your podcasts Abi . Wish more people in the public space would speak up as angrily as you do, it might help to wake up the sheeple . This evil does my head in.....the classical music is very soothing.

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Hello, am assuming that was meant for me( if am ok etc) well if not am  taking it anyway, because it cheered me up. Not been the best 8 weeks. Life has been like an evil hamster wheel on speed. It’s overwhelming some days and lonely being awake then add all the day to day stresses .

It’s breaks my heart most days with the state of things and the evil we are living under. Thank you some much Abi , telegram and Substack family you keep me sane and I don’t feel so alone.

My new words for most day are twatt waffle, cunt , evil cunt coz what else fits , nothing.

AAA if you had a Christmas wish , what would it be.

Ps if you get a spare minute Lauren Daigle ( o’lord) great song

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Thanks Abi.

As an older bloke I prefer the "Nipples like Scammel Wheel nuts!".

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Afternoon people.

Blind cobbler’s thumbs.... The Seahorses used this in their Love is the Law track.. my favourite 😊

I saw that MP speaking out, is that the same person that was called a tin foil hat wearer or something?

Poor baby Will, that video was barbarism at its finest😡💔.

I hate the human race at times and smegan and Barry can fuck right off!!

On a lighter note, Abs, did you see the twitter convo between Jules, myself and Bob?

I’ve never laughed so much in my life. Poor Bob must be shitting himself! 😂😂

Canny wait for the wall of cunts! Yes, the other wall needs whitewashing.

Peter’s back, hope you’re ok Pierre? 💙💙

I’ve had to delete the telegram app as it used all my phone data. 😬


What is your favourite Christmas Carol and why?

I’m off now as I’m jabbering on about a whole lot of nothing.

Catch you later👍👊

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Louise, I agree with every word that you say. Yes, the future is very scary with the amount of control the globalists want to have over us. Thank God for Abi and the SubStack family💖

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