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Hi Abs and everyone..

Yep, I agree it's a "meh" (B) Holiday .. it's nicely cool now though, and for the rest of this week.

I had my endoscopy on Saturday, had to perform those ridiculous LFTs, Thursday, Friday and Saturday morning ( swearing all the time) , got the predicted negative results every time, and had to present them at the door of the dept at hospital, before they'd let me in ! For F sake, as Abi says, what a palaver that should be well and truly done away with!

I agree about missing all the "fixing stuff" that our late hubbies used to do.. it's a struggle to try to do some things now.. need strength, height, and patience , none of which I have.. gotta keep trying though...

Poor James indeed, all this nightmare is such a shame.

I look forward to your Wiki, Abi, and heck yes, must be a struggle getting it all set up. Also, I've never understood why just anyone can go on and edit it - they can say anything !

Have a relaxing evening, everyone, -- catch you all soon.. :) Jan S xx

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I can really relate to the whole family scenario. At the very start of the so called COVID pandemic I spoke to my Dad about the vaccines and told him that I didn’t believe they were necessary, I gave him the reasons why I wouldn’t be having them and then left it for him to decide. A few days after our chat my Dad said “no love I’m not letting anyone near me with those jabs, we don’t know what’s in them” I told him I thought he was making the right decision and that he shouldn’t feel coerced by his doctor or my two brothers who are very pro vaccines. My eldest brother who I often see at my Dads house never sits beside me or gives me a hug like he used to, (we always hugged before), it makes me smile as he must think he will get COVID if I breathe on him, he is supposed to be an intelligent man but has turned in to this virtuous prick who tries to censor what my Dad watches on TV or which newspaper he reads! Luckily my Dad doesn’t take any notice of him and is a free thinker even at 92! It’s sad really as our family used to be close, neither of my brothers or their families have been to my house for over two years and I don’t know if we will ever get together again but that’s their choice!

Hope everyone is ok, get some TCP on that cold sore Trudi it cures everything! 🤣x

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For me, this was one of your best Abi. Every word resonated and I’m sure I say that on behalf of most of us here. The fucking frustration with friends and family continues to be such an uphill struggle, although I’m waaay past the keeping quiet phase now. Thanks for speaking out as always and letting the rest of us know we are not alone!

It’s beautiful to hear you talk about the love of your life and I’m so glad you can.

Much love x

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Evening all👋

Poor James, bloody families. My adopted sister told me I was attention seeking when posting about Ben, this was 3 days before my first Christmas without him.

All I’ll say is that I’m glad I don’t share DNA with the nasty bitch!

Wow.... Your Wikipedia page sounds enthralling 😂😂.

I know what you mean about writing stuff, I did it too, poems etc.

When I visited him at the CofR, I wrote loads of stuff down to say to him.

Since then, I’ve written some lyrics and started to write my story.

I haven’t touched it for a while, I’ll know when it’s time .

I hope everyone has enjoyed their BH , I’ve woken up today with a big coldsore, slap bang in the middle of my bottom lip. Fucking marvellous, not had one for years 😩

Just thought I’d share that with you all🥴🥴

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I didn’t expect to hear from you Abi on Bank Holiday Monday so that was a nice surprise. Yes, I find it so difficult to chill out too, my mind is always wandering. I think the state of continual low level anxiety doesn’t help with chilling out.

When you talk about people turning their backs on you, it really resonates with me. Covid, lockdowns and everything related to that has shown many people in their true colours. Were they always so angry and hateful and it took this shitshow to bring it out in them? Friends of many years no longer speak to me so my Christmas card list is now minuscule! Even dealing with family is difficult, all references to anything remotely connect to covid cannot be discussed for fear of losing them too.

I look forward to reading your Wikipedia page when you have finished it x

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Thanks for saying again what I guess we all feel Abi. The family and friend stuff is really tough,def the worst part for me.

Writing is good for you,very cathartic. You write well,your red line piece was very good. I’ve bn writing stuff down recently,notes on my covid journey,the awakening,normie friends and family,the jabbed,death etc I really regret not doing this from March 2020...if I knew then what I know now! My writing isn’t as succinct as yours and I’ve definitely developed Tourette’s since this pantomime began,i think you suffer from this condition too 😩Life must be really tough without Terence....losing him I bet has made u stronger and focused on fighting the good fight.....u have guts,that’s for sure.

Speaking of Fringe comedians,we saw John Cooper Clark at Edinburgh airport the other day,must’ve finished a stint...skinniest legs in black skinny jeans I have ever seen!!! I have seen him live a couple of times but yet another who I haven’t heard a whisper from in 2 and a bit years. Plenty material there for his poems!

Trudi,I hope that cold sore isn’t monkeypox😂🤔

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I’ve always found bank holidays very weird. Not a big fan.

I’ve got a friend who is a lifelong Labour supporter and told me how she watched the daily (propaganda) briefings and didn’t mind Johnson was PM because he’s “quite jolly”. 😬

On the friend who didn’t send a birthday card, you didn’t say what the atmosphere was like at your last meeting but assuming you want to remain friends, then it might be an idea to contact her and say “I just wanted to check everything is OK because it was unusual not to get a birthday card from you.” There might be something else going on.

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None of the holidays have any meaning anymore. Life is whatever meaning you give it, that's how I try to live. Stopped trying to talk to people about what is going on a while ago. If and when it's appropriate in a conversation I will mention something by way of planting seeds, to see if it will grow and get the other person thinking. I had to retire early due to vaccine mandates, which were never really a law. A colleague who couldn't wait to get his vaccine and disagreed with my views, came up to me before I left and said ' I know you and I have had different views, but I'm beginning to think you are right, this isn't meant to end' hallelujah!

I spent the first 18 months of this circus being extremely angry, couldn't stop swearing and I don't swear. Everyone was wondering what had gotten into me! Past that now. My younger self would have thought the present me was crazy, no doubt about it. I know that people will only hear what they are ready to hear. You cannot make them hear it even if you present them with all the proof in the world. To take on what we are saying, before they are ready to hear it, means they would have to tear down the foundations of their reality and step into the unknown. Not many people are that brave. Rather than face their own cowardice, they prefer to make us their enemy because that is the easier option. I love your passion and compassion Abi, please don't let other people and situations drain you. We need your life force strong and vibrant.

Sense of humour is so important, where would we be without it.

Like many here, I have difficult situations to deal with. Looking after my elderly mum, facing the prospect on one maybe two more ops on my hip. Husband having health issues undergoing tests to find out what is wrong. We don't know yet. The nurse rattled off a list of things to find out if he was allergic to any of them. Finally she said 'what about latex, are you allergic to that?' He said ' I don't know, I've never worn it' sometimes you just have to laugh. As the saying goes, laughter is good medicine.

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