Omg those bloody alarms and their beeping, we had that the other night, every few minutes there was a loud beep and my daughter was starting to panic bless her, I couldnt get the battery cover off and ended up standing on a chair with a mop trying to knock the damn thing off at 3am 🤨🙄

So disappointing abt Graham Norton as I've always been a big fan, but as you say, him and the likes have no spine, they are too reliant and locked in to the BBC, and put money and appeasement before ethics and values! It is only the few that are brave enough to be true to themselves and be strong enough to take the backlash that will come with it, people would rather fit in and be popular sadly, I've never been that way, even as a kid and I feel more blessed about the that more than ever 🙏

You've reminded me I need to get a Cathy t-shirt, and then I can wear it to gig 😊

Happy Monday you guys, hope everyone's OK, as can be in this craziness!! Sending positive vibes and high energy for the week ahead...is it Friday yet 🤣🤣 xx

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Tried to get a doctor's appointment today and had to listen to the recorded Covid tyranny message about masks etc... FUCK OFF.., managed to get a phone consultation in 2 weeks.. I call the mask wearing plebs Maskabators I think it sums them up pretty well. Are all your gigs gonna be London based Abs I'd like to come but I don't do London..

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Why do smoke alarms only run out of battery at night? I swear mine has never once done that chirruping thing during the day ever,annoying as fuck.

Well done Jan for wearing your Crunt t- shirt to the gig.....I’m thinking about getting myself an ‘Elaine Paige is a fucking cunt’ t-shirt for the Dec 4th gig 😂Abi,u will not feel in the minority that night.

Love to all xx

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Hi Abi,

I’m not sure that the audience on Saturday night knew quite what to make of your shitshow remarks, they were definitely muted on that one. It did feel like it was may be only you and me singing from the same hymn sheet at times and may be the handsome Martin! Why do people come to a small intimate gig and wear a mask🤷‍♀️If they are that frightened then just stay at home. Those people are never going to be in our camp babe.

When life looks as though it cannot get more depressing Jeremy Hunt reappears on the scene. Truss is fucked, she is just so out of her depth it is embarrassing. Hunt and possibly Sunak as a ‘dream’ ticket😳is very scary. Those bastards will want us locked up for the whole of the winter.

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