Hi Abi, we all have days like that, so up and down, get good vibes on more revelations but then nothing happens! Even clever people such as doctors are still in denial but they know deep down what has been and is still going on and they will be feeling very guilty about their part in this mass murder, cos that’s what it is.

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Evening all.

The Liam Neeson comment and impersonation made me spit my cup of tea out!🤣🤣🤣

I’m glad that the doctor said it was nothing sinister and that you’re okay.

“I know him so well “ For Duncan’s monologue 👍

Yes, you are Abi Roberts, we all love you and would never want you to change.Keep crunting the good Crunt and all that.


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The shit show catches all of us off guard now and again. I think everyone listening here will agree with that. It is hard to keep going sometimes, especially when you see the stupidity of people and their continuing belief in the whole shit show. And when there are still muppets out there choosing to wear a mask 🙄.When I see them, I'm screaming in my head 'FFS!' We are constantly juggling two worlds. Reality and then Clown world where we have to deal with these idiots who still can't see the lies.

So I totally understand your mood today. I listened to Neil Oliver on Patreon. He was talking about how individuals throughout history have made a difference. And that the powers that be want us to feel insignificant and powerless. They want us to feel that we can't change what's happening. I know it's hard sometimes, but I think his point that individuals can bring about change is true and individuals can make a difference. I think YOU make a difference. Just think how much you lift our spirits here on Abi Daily. You make us laugh when we're low and you are a friend to us and we can speak freely. To me that is really special right now because the world is topsy turvy and truth is hard to come by. Just think how you tried to bring the vaccine harms to light on GB news. I think you do so much to help all of us.

So as I say I understand your feeling low today, but that will pass and we all have to keep the faith. Life is going to be shit for a while, but we've got to hold on to hope that we'll get through and all those who have orchestrated the shit show will be brought to justice in one way or another.

Keep on trucking Abi. We're with you all the way xx

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Hi Abi and all friends..

Strange, I've felt fed up today, too. I have to go for an endoscopy on Saturday at hospital, I have them every couple of years or so as surveillance as I have an oesophagus condition which could lead to the big C if not regularly monitored. Anyway, the letter came, and they want me to do LFT tests on Thursday, Friday and Saturday morning.. what a load of piffle, I had to order these effing tests, and they are all false and give incorrect results. I have a nephew who's a consultant and he actually warned me never to have the jibbys and said the LFT's were totally useless. I can't go into the hospital without doing this crap, so I suppose I shall have to succumb to it.. Hey ho... :( I , like Trudi laughed at your Liam Neeson impersonation ... THAT is what everyone should say when asked to don these facerags..

Glad you were feeling better, Abi..

Catch you all soon, and I'm grabbing Trudi's idea of "Keep on Crunting the good Crunt" Abi..

Lotsa luv , compatriots.. xx

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That sounds like an interesting,if not weird trip to the Docs Abi,I cannot fathom them out at all 🤯

My brother in law is a senior Dr with the NHS......he’s never heard of Malone or any of them either.

I sent him the Dr Sam letter around a year ago to see if he had an opinion at all to what was going on but he’s still FAST ASLEEP.....the only way to describe it is surreal. I liked and respected him but now am so sad,angry and disappointed,I can’t look at him. He knows my views that the vaccine killed my Dad. Previously he had encouraged me to have the jab as I’m on chemo meds and am immuno suppressed,he was horrified I wasn’t having it and it all felt rather awkward. We last spoke a couple of weeks ago,I definitely saw something in his eyes,couldn’t work out if it was guilt,fear,a penny dropping or something else. Strangely enough he is retiring in December as he DOESNT TRUST the government......with his PENSION!!!!

I have thought about him and his cognitive dissonance every day for 2 years now and it will forever blow my mind.

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Oh Abi, I can relate to your feelings today of being down and depressed by all that is going on around us. I seem to have too many days like that tbh and sometimes it is hard to be positive.

It’s unbelievable that your private doctor was not aware of Dr Robert Malone. Surely as a doctor it is his job to educate himself about the mRNA jabs, the injuries caused and the fact that AZ has been withdrawn. The government has started to pay out for vaccine deaths and injuries but many people are still in denial that the jabs can cause harm.

We live to fight another day x

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Excellent show Abi. I’m not surprised by the conversation with your doctor. I call it the grand pyramid scheme of abused trust. Those within the pyramid cannot conceive that the level above would be lying to them or wish to harm them. That goes for the doctor and his patients and so it passes down the chain.

This is how they’ve got away with it. So far anyway.

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To Abi and all other responders.

Honestly it did me good to hear you all saying you’ve had a bad day. I felt it today.

The thing I’m now having great difficulty with is mixing with folk who are still blind, who clearly want to stay blind, that, or are too scared to wake up, despite the odd negative references on some media outlets. Mass formation psychosis as referred to by Dr Mathias Desmet appears to be spreading. I want to scream like a mad person. 😳

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I find that receptionists can get arsey unless you say the exact phrase “I’m mask exempt”, and then it’s no problem. Even in Wales now the spell is breaking. ❤️

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I hope your endoscopy goes well, I’m glad that they’re keeping an eye on you 💖

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Hi Abi

Have you had a look at your Wikipedia page lately?

Don’t think you’ll like the last paragraph and might want to change it if you can.

Great substack. The ignorance of the medical profession is truly mind blowing. How can they give you the information needed for informed consent if they haven’t read anything about these new experimental gene therapies themselves??

“Do no harm” …what a joke!

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This valorous dame demonstrated disproportionate decency towards this auditor when he was still a-Twitter. I’m ineffably pleased to find her well and, moreover, to discover her fervour unabated, her spirits undiminished and her fondness for pillaging and razing those Potemkin villages erected by tyrants and halfway halfwits whose purpose is to obscure and distort reality behind a pretty facade of untruths seemingly growing daily. Her disdain for compromise is precisely what keeps me coming back. Kudos, ma’am, and as you were.

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Where can we get “Covid lie” stickers, Abi?

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