Good one tonight Abi. Good to have you back on Twitter. I’ve been on holiday to Lanzarote and just completely switched off all the shit show. Easing myself back to all the crap. Glad all the substack family are here ❤️

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Hope you had a great holiday

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Thanks Trudi, the best! Just me and my friend, very girly, chilled with lots of cocktails 🍸

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Sounds perfect

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Happy birthday to the lovely Dick, such a lovely man🥳💙

Glad you’re back on twitter, you’ve been missed 💖

Hope everyone here is okay.

Thanks Abi for making me giggle tonight

Much love


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Never forget, never forgive! The scamdemic was done in purpose, by evil ppl. Crimes against humanity. All must go to prison. We new from the beginning that was a scam. Why didn’t you, scam bag, NATZI idiot, Morgan? "They did it for virtue signalling, tribal reasons, and they wanted to feel superior to other people." To break the spell, they must come to the realization that they were duped, they were fooled, and that's painful.

MORALITY is doing what is right regardless of what you are told.

OBEDIENCE is doing what you are told regardless of what is right.

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As annoying as Twitter can be I think it’s a platform that you need to be on Abi. You can reach out to a lot of people.

I find both Bev Turner and Tonia Buxton a big disappointment. They are lightweight people pleasers on GB News. Who on earth watches Mogg on the 8pm slot🤦🏼‍♀️he will never replace the amazing Mark Steyn. Francis Foster is a bore too. GB News has gone to the dogs.

I was going to wind up Leilani Dowding and say that I was looking forward to a chat with her on the Mark Steyn Cruise, but she blocked me! I’ve never been on a cruise and don’t fancy it at all.

Your poem at St Luke’s says it all, may God forgive them. The church weren’t expecting that! Daffodils on Terry’s bench, wonderful xx

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Wasn’t Alastair Campbell meant to have a boxing match with Piers Morgan a few years back? I think Morgan bottled it. Would have been great to see these pair of cunzz knock the ever living shit out of each other.

Sorry for bad language, but these two really are a pair of bastards.

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That swear word was invented for the likes of thoes two devils.

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You are right that GB News is no salvation, neither is Talk TV. I do txt Mike Greyham sometimes in the morning, he never reads my txt out so I don't know why I do it, fuck knows how much it costs too. I did text in today saying something like, instead of discussing Boris and partying ( yawn ) why don't you discuss people in Parliament running for cover when AB stands to speak about vaccine harms. obviously people's health doesn't matter. Talk radio is fine for net 0 or discussing small, boats, but the jab, CBDCs, ID2020, food shortages (security) sweet FA.

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Talk radio was OK till about 6 months ago then in my opinion just morphed into mainstream same old same old bull windup shite, aa for J.H Brewer Jesus she thinks she knows everything especially military war mongering gobshite a proper example of the chattering class. Thank goodness we got Abi daily & now listening to podcasts recommend by substack family , I'm enjoying James podcast & London calling as from last week.

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Yes, I saw that Bev T was saying support the Torygraph. Say What?

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Hi Abi,

I just wanted to say about alleged vaccine efficacy according to their own science- which never changed! (of course there are no viruses and disease is not contagious and there's no need for any vaccine for anything ever). However

Please be aware that a 90% efficacy, for example, does not mean that the vaccine protects 90 people out of 100.

From the Pfizer study https://www.nejm.org/doi/full/10.1056/nejmoa2034577

0.045% of the vaccinated tested positive for some RNA fragments 7 days after.

0.83% of the placebo arm tested positive for some RNA fragments 7 days after.

The difference between the two is the actual alleged efficacy of the vaccine which is 0.792%.

In other words- less than I person out of 100 was protected from getting a (nonspecific) PCR test result.

(0.792% as a percentage of the placebo (0.83%) is 95% which is where they get this impressive sounding number from.)

The absolute efficacy, how many more poeple allegedly are protected than without the vaccine is 0.792%.

Thank you!!!


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Mar 22, 2023·edited Mar 22, 2023

Hello Abi brave is the best mobile app duck got bought by Google

I love listening to your podcast I laugh and learn 😀

We have precisely the same BS with media here changing their narritve mid stream

It seriously pisses me off

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Great you had a chilled day and thanks for reminding me of the wonders of reflexology . Also St Luke’s Church ! I was in the RBH for surgery and passed many moments looking out at the lovely gardens from my bay. At night they’d play football nearby and hearing them was so reassuring . I did not know the name of the church until now 🌟

Agreed - the shimmer of the ring seems too much for most.

You and Bob are so very very special . I was thinking today , another thing which makes you both stand out is your absence of ego.

Loved your bye bye CS Lewis , hello to looking good today



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Im sitting waiting for my grandson while he is in gymnastics listening with my headphones in. Got my uk column sweatshirt on laughing out loud. I can see the looks. It's making me laugh more. They all think im a bit weird because we home educate my 4 year old grandson. Excellent as always Abi.

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Check out my info wars haul in this shit vid


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Alex Jones Was Right! (Most of the time)

Shame about the mugs.

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One thing people forget during the cover psyop is the traffic light rules when going abroad. If they were deliberately trying to cause chaos for British travellers, what would they do any different. They would announce a change in the traffic light for say, Spain so people had to rush back so as not to spend 3k form the pleasure of being in a quarantine camp. That among many other things is beyond mendacious.

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Piers said he believed vaccines stop transmission, for this to be true they would have to stop infection. So in that scenario there is no health argument for vaccine passports.

Piers knew this, and likely knew that passports are about medical fascism with a goal of digital ID and quite possibly eradication of those who refused to comply.

The man is an evil monster who should be strung up

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Brilliant Abi. Lolled out loud 😂 By Jove, did i need that!

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