Loved your written account of Saturdays March. I went to the Manchester one which was a lot smaller but they did stick more to the covid narrative. I even managed to get my half awake partner to come with me! He had his eyes opened a bit more! Let’s keep chipping away! 👍🏻

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Sep 26·edited Sep 26

The order followers are the most dangerous group

The true beLIEvers scare the fuck outta me.

Hi Abi ☺️👋

A side hello to Jan 😊

Perth has fallen

So I just arrived in Borneo yesterday

Looking for a,well more free, less tyrannical

place to live.

I was in Canberra Abi

A million ordinary people with children and grandparents protesting the lockdowns

What did our government do ?

They attacked the people using Lrad sound weapons

Small children with facial burns and people with nausea and fainting

protesting for your freedom doesn't work

They don't care


Do not comply

When faced with authority


I do not comply !

Much love to all

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From 11mins https://www.youtube.com/live/MUGDqSluciA?si=cCsti4AmN-3Uy5sV

Tyrant finder makes a good point, marches just funneling a certain audience into oblivion. Rbrand a pied piper, masses a audience then is switched off, like the audience have been led off a cliff.

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Sep 28Liked by Abi Roberts

I really enjoyed this episode, very interesting about the left/communism/common purpose.

You could see that oozing out of the MSM over covid, both with the lockdown rules and the bioweapon injection rollout.

As for who may lead a future "Freedom movement" for me they need a couple of minimum requirements.

1 To be unvaccinated

2 To have publicly called out the tyranny by May 2020 at the very latest.

Maybe we dont even need a movement, its easy to stop this if people just say "NO, I do not consent" and disobey any rule or law that is unjust.

Anyway onwards and upwards, highlight of my day is listening to your podcast. I usually catch up on David Vance's ones first, then on to yours as I love a sweary onpoint interesting rant and save it for last!!

Thanks as always, Nath aka MACs_in_the_VAX

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Freedom march headed by Bridgen and his idols...

It’s a big fat fuckoff from me!

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Men who dress as women have the worse taste in clothes, they look like clowns especially the make up.

Yesterday I read this article for the first time “Farming is an Art, Culling is a Science” by MiriAF. It’s a long read but definitely worth your time and explains depopulation perfectly.

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Leave us alone absolutely spot on ! X

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You mention the left have to admit that all the problems come from the left.....Also, the left, if they are honest, are in bed with the corporations. They are their useful idiots until they get thrown under the bus. Look how Western financiers funded both the Nazis and the Bolsheviks. I had the book 'Wall Street and the rise of the Nazis by Antony C Sutton.

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Common purpose. I found a list somewhere of council people and police officers who had been on a ‘course’. I wish they’d all just leave me the fuck alone. Like you say Abs they then try and infect you with this bullshit.

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sorry to be gross but I don't think the type of cross-dresser you describe actually want to be women with all the real-life womany things - they mostly just want to get (back) inside a woman and wearing (what they deem to be) feminine clothing etc is the closest they can get - that's my armchair psychological assessment anyway.

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Ooh I forgot a very happy birthday to Charlotte the Baroness 🥰 xx

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The Girl From Ipanema meets Muzak was brilliant 😂♥️

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Always excited to see when it’s a long one (oo er missus) when it drops into my inbox. Another great podcast thanks for making me laugh.

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Interested in your take on Common Purpose.

Remember too, some primer group similar to them ,called 38 degrees too.

Their tactics...tap on the shoulder , grooming etc...haven't changed since the Cambridge Apostles spy rings of Burgess, Blunt.abd Philby. Have they?

Why,it's as if theres been that long march through the institutions that they SAID they'd be doing .

And that the WEF tactics to get their young Globalists weren't exactly the same ones that the Apostles, the YGL and Common Purpose use too.

Thanks for the reminder, far more termites than wood now in what remains of the load bearing beams and joists .

Noah's Ark was built by amateurs, Tower of Babel built by Serco and HS2 griftwoodies I bet!

Great work re the marches...who needs drugs anymore?😀

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Just leave us alone.....You should finish with that Micheal Jackson track.

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Apparently the Japanese don’t have a word for menopause due to the amount of seaweed (and hence iodine) they consume. Just started on my friend’s seaweed capsules and do feel like a new woman.

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