Evening all.

Abi, I watched the whole thing via a livestream, every speech made by those affected tore my heart in two.

No wonder you feel slightly off today, it must’ve been so difficult, more so to see it live.

I was cheering, shouting, booing, clapping and crying. It triggered so much emotion.

Alex, god bless that beautiful man for what he did. I was getting messages saying, Trudi, Alex had taken Ben onto the stage with him. I never noticed at first. I heard the cheers when Ben was mentioned.

I felt so much love, not just for me but for everyone, truly remarkable.

Your mum must have been in your thoughts all day too, which adds another level to your emotions. God bless your lovely mum💖💖💖

Matt Le Tissier’s speech was off the scale, I was so engrossed 👏👏

Bridgen, when I heard him say, “I’ll keep asking the questions on your behalf”, I heard some woman say, “Thankyou”. I was like, what??!!??

Alex’s speech was beautiful, John’s speech made me cry as I felt his anger. It did make me laugh when he flashed his nether regions from under his kilt😂

The best bit was when he punched the Matt Wancock cardboard cutout 👊👊👊.

Seeing the white roses again made me sob, these are for real people .

How the media are still ignoring these poor souls enrages me🤬🤬

Have a relaxing evening Abi and thankyou again for the picture of you with Ben’s placard. Natalie is the lovely lady who made it.

Honestly, In a world full of evil , you guys show me and is that there is always kindness.

I’m so grateful to you all


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Abi, great review of the event. I'm sorry I couldn't be there. I agree with you regarding Bridgen's speech - I listened to it on Twitter. Hardly emotionally engaged. Like you, I resolved not to have anything to do with any "vaccines" for a coronavirus as soon as one was mooted. The only evidence that was needed was the government's systematic removal of freedom and human rights prior to their announcement of an available faux-vaccine. I resolved not to want anything to do with any of the government's Covid responses. It was a visceral response on my part - it was clear that systemic misinformation marked every stage in the journey of social manipulation from Early 2020. So the Damascene conversions are a mystery to me. Bridgen lost his whip. He put himself out to a degree. But there's little if any visceral, freedom-loving and public service voices coming from Westminster. Bridgen is a whimper. The Labour Party is full-on Transhumanist. And Tice/The Reform Party are a bloody disgrace. The Together Campaign is mute when it comes to vaccine harms - or vaccine efficacy. But it's encouraging that David Kurten was at the event. But the political momentum needs to change. We need some emotional engagement in politics. It's clear that the Pfizer/WEF/Gates triumvirate is all over Westminster and Whitehall. It's bloody depressing. But thanks for your commitment and leather trouser anecdotes. It's good to know you're there for us all.

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The mood today is understandable,the whole thing is so mentally exhausting. There seems to be new shit to process everyday and now the added distrust of people and their motives is such a head fuck for me too. It’s hard being so disappointed in people all the time and that’s on top of being disappointed in our own friends and family.

I watched the live stream too,me and Trudi were msging each other when we saw Ben’s placard. .....they used my words to Trudi on it which was such an honour. It was all very emotional. Bridgen was lacklustre at best.....sadly not buying into him one bit.... where’s the anger,passion,regret??

Hope u feel more yourself tomorrow Abi x

Love to u all 🥰

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I love you and your never-ceasing voice for humanity. Thank you! ❤️ You are 💯 percent right. Why aren’t people screaming from the rooftops? I’ll never figure it out. My dad ended up in the ER with heart failure the same day he got the “bivalent booster” at cvs when he went in to get his flu shot. I had begged him not to get it, and I sent him a lot of information that I had found on substack. He promised me he wouldn’t get it, but they talked him into it when he went in to get the flu shot. Evil bastards! It’s the banality of evil that Hannah Arendt wrote about. My own daughter, a super healthy, 21-year-old, lost her period and has terrible G.I. issues now—that she never had—after she got the “booster” last spring so she could attend her college. I begged her not to get it and she hung up on me because she thinks I’m crazy. A crazy “antivaxxer.” I am so angry about this that I don’t even know where to turn my energy anymore. But listening to you helps me a lot. It’s so strange when people don’t connect the dots. My own daughter, my father, others I know who have been injured by these injectable products. I just have to sit here and watch the insanity unfold. There is no community here (where I live, though I’ve tried to form one) that you have there, and I am glad you have a community around you to be able to go to these protests. I am in the United States, in Maine. I am comforted somewhat by noticing that the tide is slowly turning, but I am also equally frustrated at how long it is taking. I wonder on a daily basis, what it is going to take to wake people up. To really get them to see what is happening. Never ever stop, Abi! ❤️ Keep shouting from the rooftops!

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Oh Abi, what can I say?!

Firstly my hubby and I send big hugs. Thanks for everything you do to raise awareness.

I watched some of the live stream of the march. I saw everyone arrive outside no.10 to throw the white roses. It was heart breaking seeing all the pictures of people that have died due to the government and their bad decisions.

My heart is broken. WHAT HAVE THEY DONE!!!!!

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I agree, no mercy on the media. My dad, mom and sister all called me out for not getting the shots. They celebrated when I got fired from my nursing job- a career I worked hard for. I literally have PTSD when they call- they will never understand how betrayed I feel. I blame the fucking media 100% for brainwashing the people- and destroying families. I hope as punishment the crooked politicians, media personalities and WEF fools get boosted publicly over and over again until they keel over.

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Thanks for keeping on supporting us all and raising awareness Abi. Xx

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It's sad there has to be a March, It's sad that people who've gone through and are still going through hell are simply labelled as Antivax or Covid deniers, People there had taken the gene therapy so how the FUCK can they be antivax.. Glad I didn't take the poison, glad I don't watch or listen to any MSM, and glad I don't trust the goverment. I hope justice will be served..

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Wish I could have been there on Saturday. It was clearly a very emosh day (I watched it via a live stream) but beautiful in many respects. To see everyone come together in support of those injured or bereaved was heart lifting. The white roses reminded me of a pro life event I went to once where white rose petals were released to symbolise the number aborted that year (like the poppies at the festival of remembrance). It looked and rightly so, very peaceful. Bravo to all who attended and yes I totally agree re Bridgen.. something so off and false about him. But the truth is coming!! Keep up the fight everyone. Much love ❤️

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Thank you to Abi and everyone who could go, for being there on this march. It must have been a roller coaster of emotions. It is beyond enraging that the msm even gb news don't report it. Its such a shame and a missed opportunity to do good. I would have expected Neil Oliver to have talked about it or even been there.

Now that my mum's health has improved, I'm going to make sure I attend future marches, always there in spirit but I want my feet on the ground next time. Take time to recharge Abi, make sure you rest.

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Sadly I didn’t see you there. I agree with everything you say.

It was sad but I felt uplifted at the same time. Simply being with the folk that can see what’s going on always makes me feel better. But I wish none of this was happening. Thank you for your voice! All the Love.

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Rrrr Abi not surprised you had an off day after the March it was very emotional ( I found half of it on live stream was in tears ) thoes people who said it was about crazy anti vaxers are just stupid and you can't negotiate with stupid. There brainwashed simple. Three years isn't last long from loosing your mum I'm 9 years and still miss her on her anniversary I put her photo on mantle piece and have a lavender candle lit all day her favourite. Oh yes before I forget my other half had talk radio on Sunday morning & Dr renney read out an email from someone asking why no coverage of the March on main stream ? She spoke about the vaccine injured for few mins & said open talking should be happening or words to that effect it was after 9am ish. Have a good week x

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Hi Abi, I’m away on hols but listening to Abi Daily every day but in the following morning. I’ll catch up with everyone’s with replies next week.

I’m really surprised that Laurence Fox wasn’t at the march last Saturday as he seems to have taken on the mantle of Mark Steyn and be one of us. You would have thought that GB News would have been represented on the day by someone.

Love to all the SubStack family 💖

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This was posted by the Expose. Contains links to footage of the rally in London.


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Abi, I just wanted to say how much I respect your raw honesty and consistency in speaking openly about all this. Like you and many others I have stood my ground, alone, and refused any of these experimental jabs and at enormous personal cost; friends and social contacts damaged. I watched the gathering on live stream also with tears pouring down my face - wishing I could have stood among you all. I feel so let down by GB News in particular believing that at least with them there would be a way for media to speak up. and wake people up. What to make of this? I see that Mark Steyn has removed his GB news link in his bio and apparently will not be returning. I wonder if this has something to do with it and scared his peers to continue being outspoken; even Neil Oliver it would seem. I watched a revealing interview with Bridgen and Project Camelot channel (Rumble/facebook) recently where he speaks about his motives etc. Seems legit but time will tell. Truth will out.

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Abi, my friend. Thank you for all your support and it was especially nice to finally meet you and my Cathy Crunt hug 😎.

I've just listened to your lovely words ♥️♥️♥️

Thank you for keeping on keeping on ♥️♥️♥️

Yer Glesga Mod ♥️♥️♥️

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