You are so bloody right... what a bunch of see u next Tuesday. Spot on with Freddy and Konstantin and zelensky. God thank god you swear! I am literally you when I rant too.... hallelujah.. tell it like it is !!!!

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NATO, EU, WEF, WHO, if anyone can tell me anything positive about the four organisations mentioned I'd love to hear what they are. The next person who says yes " let's send tanks or fighter jets to Ukraine " should be conscripted to the frontline, Attacking a nuclear superpower what could possibly go wrong.. W.T.F. Abs may I suggest a press helmet to go with your press badge they're great for headbutts.. ENJOY..

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Not the leather pants!!! Jeez... watch out people 😂😂😂

Have a great night Abs and don’t behave yourself.

Jules will be green with envy knowing that you’ll be in touching distance to Bob, no doubt, she will be sobbing whilst fondling her artwork. No, not a euphemism you filthy lot!😂😂

I can’t believe I heard you slurping your soup, ffs woman, sort your shit out!!.. How uncouth 🥴😂

I echo Abi’s words regarding Lisa, we all send love to you 💖💖💖

Have a wonderful evening everyone 👍

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Abi is in leather! Sounds like a fab evening with Bob......Jules eat your heart out😂 Never mind with the garlic Abi says she will smell like a French Madame!

We are in crazy times ......Zelenskyy, jabs, trans bs and God becoming gender neutral ..........🙈

Konstantin calling people stroppy teenagers attempts to take away the validity of their views. What does post woke even mean?

Look forward to hearing about tonight’s adventure on Friday’s podcast 💖

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Ps congratulations to our Trudi for completing her suicide prevention training!!! 👏👏👏 a very brave challenge to take on Trudi,proud of you 💙

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Hi lovely folks, just wanted to quickly say hi and that I am still here!!!! Just all over the place atm, feel like I can't catch up with anything 🤨 I did ask that you send help but no-one arrived 🤗🥴🤪

And so sorry for any messages I have yet to reply to, I will get to them, hopefully tonight 🙏

Got to listen to yesterday's and today's now whilst cooking dinner, the Leni Moo child is on a school residential, haven't received any calls yet 😁🤞one night down, one to go, so have some peace apart from the cat who I think is more demanding than my tween!!!

Omg there is so much I would love to rant about, but apart from GB News, what can I say that Abs and you guys havent already said, am done with them, what a let down, I wouldn't be able to watch it without feeling fucking angry the whole time now 😡🤢....

....am gonna end on a positive and that is YES YES AND ABSOFUCKINGLUTELY YES to your birthday party Abi, that would be amazing 😊🥰💋 🎂 I have a headache already thinking abt the days after 🤣🤣🤣

Has anyone come up with location ideas? I am in Surrey, I'll be wherever it is, hey let's go to Spain 🤣

Love to all, and welcome to everyone new that have joined the crew 💜💙💜

So amazing to see it growing 😘 much deserved Abi !

Oh and last thing, Matthew Sweet, what an absolute arsehole, I don't endorse violence (normally 😉) but my god, he needs a massive punch in the face.!

See you guys!



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Evening everyone took Jane’s advice and watched the Whitney Houston film gosh such a shame such a loss,also listened to some Burt Bacharach( R.I.P)today bought back some memories of my parents/ grandparents listening to that when i was a kid. Thanks Abi for asking if i am ok made me shed some tears you mentioning me and thanks also to Trudie❤️ i felt better today the sun was shining when i woke makes u instantly feel better. I would love to come to the party( health permitting🙏🏻) and meet some of you amazing likeminded people. All i seem to get invited to these days are groups for cancer patients which i just dont want to be part of i want my normal life back whatever that was its so long i forgot.Cant stand all the Zelensky stuff does my head in, scruffy barsteward turning up to see ze king in his khaki gear wtf is that all about. When my grandma and grandad went to buckingham palace back in the 80’s they had to look smart.George had his birthday trim yesterday poor dog even got his balls shaved🤣🤣. Hope you have had a great evening Abi……much love Lisa x😘

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Spot on with Kunstantin! And Sayers. And Zalensky. Spot on to everything basically!

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Have a great night Abi, can’t wait to hear all about it, sure there will be some interesting’ anecdotes! 🤣

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Hope you had a wonderful evening Abi. Look forward to hearing all about it. Can't beat a really good chicken soup. Certain foods are like soul food.

Omg just realised the time. 2.38 am. Can't sleep. Feeling too full up still from my fish and chips super and brain whirring around with endless thoughts like all of the stuff you were talking about Abi. Honestly it's like being in this world but not of it because you have long since stopped seeing the world as most people do. I need to find that off switch otherwise I will never get any sleep. Have a great Friday everyone.

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Bloody marvellous Abi. Gutted I can’t be there!

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Feb 10·edited Feb 10

⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️ Just received a direct message supposedly from Abi asking to contact a number. Beware , probably a scam, I deleted it. Abi has this substack been hacked by someone pretending to be you???

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Greetings to everyone 👋👋 love reading all your comments.

Thank you Abi, for your opinion on Konstantin and Zelensky. Your're 100% correct! You better watch out or you'll end up on Ukraine's kill list. They got to Dugin's daughter, I think Roger Waters and Elon Musk, amongst others, are still on it........ Now, I'm interested in your thoughts on Putin 🤯🤯

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Hi all you stroppy teenagers.

Looking forward to hearing all about tonight’s event and if there’s a Malhotra moment.....is it bad that I hope there is?😩

Started watching The Offer last night watched 2,it’s good and very stylish.


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Serious question Abi was the chicken soup home made ? As for garlic my favourite put in everything it's soooo good for your health especially for your stomach raw is best. I always stink of it when Steve brings me up a cuppa in the morning hes like wow it smells like a bloody deli in here garlic all the way 😋

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Yeah konstantin what a Twat and Zelensky fucking war mongering git ...hope you had a good time at the event tonight looking forward to hear all about it !

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