Lovely podcast again Abi. I chuckle every time I hear Fanny Schniffer and Duncan McCockin or even when I see it written 🤣Took my mum to a hospital appointment today,I waited outside(covid rules😂) didn’t kick off cos it was only an ear appointment,so I made myself useful and sticker bombed the outside of the hospital with ‘Covid lies’....I was like a ninja one minute and a professional criminal’ the next and had a wee chuckle that I wished someone was filming it as it would’ve bn funny to watch.......when we were driving out I noticed I had placed one of them right under a cctv camera 🤔 😂

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Shaun Ryder... Legend 🍉.

Hope you’re ok Abi and everyone on here. Hope you all had a great weekend.

It’s a hot one in Leicestershire Pierre.

Cathy is back on Twitler 😉 and being adored by all no doubt.

Have a relaxing evening everyone.

Thanks for the Crunt today Abi, bring on the schniffer tomorrow, look forward to it.

Mind you, don’t envy the wig wearing in this heat, your head must itch like mad.🤣

Toodlepip 👊😊

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Very hot here in Nottinghamshire today 😎.

I can't get my head around people taking more boosters and not linking all these 'sudden deaths' or people 'dying in their sleep ' to the jabs or even acknowledging that it's a bit weird that so many younger people are dying. They are super brainwashed and I don't think there's much hope for them is there?

Just seen the headline that Olivia Newton John has died😥. That's sad. I remember thinking how beautiful she was when I saw Grease as a kid. Talking of good films, that was definitely a great one. Wonder if she's another jab death? Seems to be a lot of folks dying. I know people do, but you question every one now don't you? Sad news though xx

Thanks Abi xx

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Sorry but I think this heatwave malarky is a conspiracy .... we hit the heady delights of 20 degrees here in the NW and then not until late afternoon. I think I'm being filmed for a revised "Game for a laugh" ... everyone I know from the south is telling me it's HOT!! It's NOT (well not up north ...). Oh and can someone tell the clouds up here there's a hose pipe ban cos they aren't listening. You're right Abi, it definitely isn't a happy Monday!! The north/south divide is real and you've got the sun on your side .... damn!!

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So look forward to Abi Daily, you make me laugh which is medicine for the soul. The black cloud of depression was hanging over me yesterday so it gave me a lift to watch Ms Crunt and Unhappy Mondays. The black cloud was manageable yesterday thank God.

It’s better late than never that some people are waking up to the propaganda that is 💉💉💉but as you say Abi the brainwashing of so many means that they just double down. They have bought into the vaxx lie and cannot get off the merrygoround.

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Loved todays Cathy! Glad you had a good weekend Abi and you sound a lot better 😊

I chuckled at the weekend , Mark ‘Im triple jabbed’ Dolan did a piece on, ‘is comedy dead’….. no irony he meant it. No idea of their conclusion since I fell asleep


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