Hi everyone and hope you all had a great weekend.

Hoo fuckin rah for Ratboy Rishi🤬🤬

I hope more independent parties get together to knock the others off their perches:

I’d gladly vote for Eddie Izzard, I love her💋💄👠👠👛👗(yes, I am being sarcastic).

Never mind HIM, please tell me you saw that bloke with false boobs strip naked and play piano with his penis!!!

This bloke pushes the trans stuff to kids within schools! Absolutely abhorrent, perverse and sickening.

That’s my input of the day🤷‍♀️😊

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Oh Abi, in between giggling at your Bonnie Tyler hair - and totally agreeing with your rant about Ratface. Totally undemocratic behaviour from this shower. I dread what's coming. ( But LOVED the way he ignored M Hancock.)

Yep they're all WEF puppets, I despair. I agree, get the smaller parties to get together, try anything to break these corrupt gits.

As for E Izzard, I'm in complete agreement with everyone here, just speechless at all this. Love Trudi's comments about his fashions from Bon Marche or Damart. PMSL,

Too exhausted to type any more, such a demoralising day. When the HELL will it all end? Long after I've popped me clogs I guess.

Lotsa luv to Abi and all friends here, catch you soon

Jan S xx

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I agree. We're fucked! The end! 😬xx

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Rishi fucked up the economy of this country and now he has been given a mandate to have a second shot at it, God help us. Rishi is a WEF puppet, I am losing hope fast.

The only way forward is for a new ‘right wing’ party to emerge. I know Lawrence Fox has tried to get the smaller parties to amalgamate with little success.

Watched the hour long Ickonic podcast today on YouTube with Abi, John Mappin, Baroness of Burnley, Dominique Samuels and Leilani Dowding. I would recommend it to the SubStack family. John Mappin’s take on Ukraine is epic.

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I love columbo Abs I recently bought the 3rd series, as for small political parties I was a member of the For Britain party from the time they started ( about 4 years), sadly they folded through lack of funds. The leader Anne Marie Waters was amazing she took no prisoners and there manifestos were amazing I really thought they were the party to make Britain great again. Bring back pugwash and masterbates 😅 p.s. the outtakes compilation was funny as FUCK especially Duncan..❤

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Eddie Izzard- ‘it doesn’t matter how many nice dresses from Evans you put on’ 🤣

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Blimey what a day, we are fucked quite simply!! A near billionaire wef leader in teeny tiny suits!!

I see Tobias Ellwood tweeted about getting on with reset and then deleted it! He is another tosser!

Now we just need Gove back to make it a full blown nightmare, he is my local MP 🙈 he was at our local big sainsburys abt 4 years ago giving out poppies and elena got one, he said hello and I just stood there thinking how much I wanted to punch him in the face, another arsehole! I have bombarded him with letters over the years after many issues with surrey heath council, I'm like his stalker 🤣 but he never did and doesn't give a shit!!!

Jeremy Hunt is on the telly..evil dodgy eyes..god they are all just awful, we need rid of the lot of em 🤨

Well that was a positive post 🤔 but that's all I've got to say about that, I mean what else do you say 💁‍♂️

Oh the dude on channel 4 gettin his knob out, plenty to say about that, I mean wtaf 😳

Been doing online training all day so I'm off for a soak and listen to matt le tissier, just to cheer me up even more 🤣🤣

Happy Monday you guys 😊😁 xx

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Oct 25, 2022·edited Oct 25, 2022

I saw a good post on facebook of a picture of Westminster with the heading... "and the people said NO. THE END". Its all we need isn't it- enough people to wake up and ignore what is coming out of "their" mouths. When no one is listening or following, or not enough at least as it will never be everyone, they will collapse in on themselves and cause their own destruction. If only this would happen. Maybe it will one day and I want to see that day.

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Kuntsysunak rules ok!!!!!

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