The new characters sound great. I love your Angela Rayner and can't wait to see Neil Oliver.

I can't stand Michael Ball or Alfie Boe. They are sooo cringeworthy and I think I'd be physically sick if I had to watch that🤮. Sorry Abi. I'll stick with the original if you don't mind 😊.

Maybe you should write about the censorship and your cancelling from GB News for your piece in the conservative magazine.

Question for AAA: Are you going on holiday this year? I haven't been anywhere since before covid. I'm going for a short break to the Lake District, can't wait x

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Fanny schniffer and going down must never again be used in the same sentence abi 🤭😳

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Abi, How about a character called 'Norma Stitz'? My mom used to write letters to the local newspaper using that name. They published them for ages before they realised she was having them on!

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Dying laughing at the Michael Ball ‘since you’ve been gone’ brilliant! Love love love your Angela Rayner and I’m really excited to see your new characters.

Suggestion for the Scottish character Duncan McCockin. ❤️

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Can’t wait to meet the whole repertoire 🤣 you spot on with ginger minger!

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A joyless society, yes we have to kick back on that Abi. For the Conservative Woman I would still talk about lockdowns, vaccine mandates and vaccine passports because they are so relevant. Hey, seriously I have had really weird dreams since the covid bs.


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The word "candidate" casts doubt on the word "candid"…

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YAY,got a mention on Abi Daily!! Delighted Fanny Schniffer is getting used for one of your characters Abi.....I’m looking forward to the royalties 🤣 I’m Scottish,will have a wee think re a moniker for the long haired Scotsman.

The Crunt today with Angela Rayner was v good.....wished you’d kept the Keir Starmer bit in 😩

Michael Bawbags..musical theatre prick😂

Love to all xx

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Smashed it Abs, total genuis and my god, I nearly wet myself 🤣🤣🤣

Angela Rayner.. the look at the end🤣🤣🤣

Hope everyone is ok and ready for the weekend.

I’m with Louise on the Michael Ball thing



Which do you prefer for a weekend Night out,

A) a quiet night with friends, meal in a pub and a few drinks in bars?


B) go mental in a nightclub and dance all night, whilst consuming copious amounts of booze?

See you all at the Substack later 😊😊😊

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Listening late as on a late shift today- thank you for positive end notes. Keep us laughing 🤗😂😂😂

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Loving the new BGBBTV line up 😂 🥰 (I’d love to see a Lorraine Kelly there “in the fullness of time”…)

Great Abi re Conservative Woman! They’ve been brilliant, I remember one of their early pieces likening what’s going on to the permanent winter in the Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe ❤️

That there has been zero reference to jabs, house arrest and associated ‘passports’ by any of the Candi’dates’ 😅 might be something? I asked Steve the Snake Baker about this when he announced he was supporting Sue Ellen, whoops Suella, and he replied with faux sincerity that he was sure she would not tolerate passports and omitted to answer the rest of the question, given that she voted for the jabs as they almost all did.

Glad to hear your PT has made a comeback !

Question for tomorrow Abi - clothes you like..Favourites, go-to and things you love but never wear?I’m good on the last one😅

Love to all ❤️

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A bit late to the show but - and I love Neil Oliver - but how about Oily Noliver or Noel Ilover?

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That’s funny about explaining the joke to Emma bless her 🤣🤣. Nothing worse than explaining a joke.

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