Hi Abs darling, couldn't get on yesterday - so good to hear you back with all your anecdotes.

Giggling away at "two arses"!

Yep I've started "putting things back" when cash isn't accepted. I heard Tesco were doing the daft face recognition rubbish recently in some areas, and it caused trolley loads of stuff to be dumped at checkouts, as people would not comply (GOOD FOR THEM).

As for Strictly I have not even watched it this time round, didn't last year either, sick of it all.

I actually vaguely saw something on the infamous BBC as I quickly changed to GB News this morning, and they were wittering about something which rather sounded like they were going against the narrative they usually spout. Didn't stay to listen as I cannot bear them . Now they've started putting the fear of God out there about the new double death disaster approaching us with more doom and gloom for the autumn . Eejits! Dr Shillary doing his thing with Lorraine looking worried and nodding as he lies through his teeth about "wha's coming next", arrgghh!!

Anyway, off for me tea now, hope everyone is OK and I'll catch you all asap.

Lotsa luv to you Abi and all friends here..

Jan S xx .................. ( ha ha just seen Trudi below with Stick it Up, Buttercup, luv it.

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Thanks for a another good teatime rant Abi,top notch.

Congratulations to you Louise,sounds like u are well overdue a change at the very least for your sanity!

Speaking of deck chairs on the Titanic Abi...if u haven’t been down that rabbit hole,it a good un and actually brings us back to where we are today with banking and the Federal Reserve etc 🤯

Hope everyone is ok. Nice to be back with the Fam xx

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Evening all and hope all is well🥰

Huge congratulations to our Louise for getting a new job. Well done chick and I know you’ll smash it🥰🥰🥰

Oh I do hope Peter is ok, please drop in Pierre and let us know you’re good👍

I don’t know much about this Toby Young, I’ve seen one pod and thought he was weird so it’s a no from me( don’t care if he is reading this.. suck it up buttercup)

I had a great black cabbie when I came to London, he was against all the shitshow.

Thanks for the love Abi, you know how much I appreciate it and you 🥰🥰🥰

Love to you all💖💖💖

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'They're a load of ring kissers!' OMG! I nearly fell off my cross trainer🤣🤣.

So nice to be back with the substack family. It's like meeting up with old friends.

But you're right Abi, we mustn't let these bastards get away with all they have done over the last few years. And they can stick the twindemic where the sun don't shine. I'm having none of it and if anyone makes the slightest suggestion that I have to wear a mask, well...it won't end well...for them I mean😂😂😂

Great stuff Abi! See you tomorrow xx

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Loved your Tuesday podcast Abi. I find it so hard to understand why people can't or won't see what is so obvious. Once you see and understand there is no going back. You can't unsee. More and more people are waking up as you say Abi. That group is the only one that can grow. The 'normie' group is the only one that will shrink. Maybe one day soon we will be the majority and our media, created by people like us, will be able to fully reflect that. I look forward to the day when the so called mainstream media with become totally f*****g obsolete!

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Nice to see the UN have got together with Google to censor all the open debate on climate change, the bitch from the UN even had the gaul to say " we own the science ", FUCK the UN all the other globalist cunts. Louise congratulations and to Abi ❤ya to bits..

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So glad you mentioned Toby Young, he really fucked me off today.

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A lot of people awake now, but many others will get a rude awakening soon lol

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Abs (why do I feel it’s ok to call you Abs even though I’ve never met you?!), I enjoyed this. Talking of Birmingham I took my children on a trip there for something to do in the hols. When we got off the train he looked around and said to me in complete innocence “mummy, are we in another country now?” LMAO.

Also the last cabbie I spoke to was after a Delingpole gig in London. We were talking about Sadiq Khant. All the cabbies hate him appaz. He told me he’d just dropped Lozza off before me so it was his lucky night. He got a nice cash tip 👍

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Oh Abi, it’s so good to get back to your daily rants. I find myself in the kitchen with a G&T shouting and cheering along with you in agreement. My greyhound retreats to the lounge where my husband is watching Dingleberry!

Liz Truss is just a frontman for the WEF. The U turn just goes to show how weak this government is. Toby Young at the Tory Party Conference says everything about him. I simply cannot watch that awful Shillary Jones and I despise that Lorraine woman, they are not good for my blood pressure. Black cab drivers seem to be the most awake group of guys that I have come across.

See ya, tuning in later xx

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