Dear Abi, "Mix aus Wonne und Sorgen" means a mix of joy and worries, wich explains almost perfectly my life in the last three years.

I've met so many nice people while protesting on the streets of Germany for free choice, democracy and bodyly autonomy. That was the joyful part.

The worried part comes with my family and friends full in the line of the gov. For my sister in NZ this "consent" is two strokes and a leg thrombosis last year post jab. She's still struggeling to get her life back.

Even If I don't expect too many people to still go along with the convid show I am not too optimistc.

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Oh my ….what a terrible thing….

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Great pod with great comments.

Enjoy your time with Mr and Mrs Jules 💖

Russ better add Calvin to that crocodile picture as he’s now been suspended too.

I couldn’t give a flying fuck about GB news or any of them to be honest.

Mind you, Loz has highlighted male suicide on Twitter so I suppose that’s a good thing.

Whether or not it’s to redeem himself in some way, I don’t know and I can’t be blamed for feeling like this when the media outlets ignored the lockdown suicides etc.

I just want people to acknowledge the true heroes who work tirelessly in suicide prevention on a daily basis without wanting baubles.


Have a great weekend everyone 👍😊

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Abi, have a great time in Dundee with the wonderful Jules & Mr Jules. I hope you meet a hot Scot and have to delay your next podcast!

Avi Yemini and Rebel News have been a voice for the freedom fighters and the unvaccinated in Australia. Without them it would have been just the voice of tyranny. Also Ezra has been so supportive of Pastor Artur in Canada.

So Calvin Robinson has been suspended by GB News. They have suspended a man of God😂 Who is next and who will be left to present the programmes. Surely Bev Turner must be under investigation for behaving like a teenage fan and supporting Russell Brand 😂😂

I listened to Hearts of Oak this morning with The Freds. I agree 99% with their take on the shit show except for their stance on masks. Yes, freedom of choice is important but people wearing masks are buying into the government’s rhetoric and making it difficult for the rest of us. These mask wearers will make it easier for the globalists to reintroduce masks.

I don’t know how Dan Wootton could throw Laurence Fox under the bus after the Bad Law Project helped Wootton for free with the alleged claims against him for sexual harassment and worse.

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Dear Abi, have a wonderful little holiday, you are awesome! The documentary “Battleground Melbourne” by Topher Field is a great review of the Melbourne madness. The video is available on YouTube but shadow-banned. Hopefully this link will get you there:


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Have a great weekend with the Jules - still laugh at Mr Jules video message on your birthday when he said can you send my wife home the sink is full of dishes 😂 absolutely hilarious. I’m going to watch the Chosen you all talk about, and strangely enough my daughter has just auditioned for a big role in a new biblical drama coming, praying she gets it, so deserved she tries so hard x

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Oooh good luck to your daughter Suzanne, that sounds exciting x

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All it would take to rid this world of these evil fuckers is a little droplet of something nasty in their restaurant food. Why on earth hasn't this happened already? Bizzare.

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Like a fleck of shit in a yoghurt? 🤣

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That would do it! Or something a little stronger even!

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Have a wonderful weekend in Dundee. You are a bright beacon of light and hope to us all. We love you too xx

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Sep 29, 2023·edited Sep 29, 2023

"It's easy for me to say I haven't got somebody in a care home or in a hospital. Jesus Christ..."

I've been detained in a hospital since September 11. Now face a struggle to get out.

It feels like I failed everybody at the most important time and in ways many couldn't imagine.

Romans 10 is significant for a divine intervention but Romans 11: 5-7 and James 2:14-26 are both also relevant here, albeit contrasting in their judgment.

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Sorry to hear that you are 'detained' in hospital. When that happens you lose all your rights.

Pray that you will be able to get out soon 🙏

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You will be in my prayers today James 🙏

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Great podcast, thank you. Dan Andrews is a nasty piece of work. He needs to be brought to account along with those who supported the COVID 19 nonsense. I wrote this last year.


P.S. My comment got posted twice so I have deleted one.

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Thank you Baldmichael!

Have had a quick look at this link. Will go back later and have a proper read. Brilliant!

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Wow.More really great but shocking comments. 😪😡

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Thanks Abi …German has some very interesting words but apparently less vocabulary than English, which was a surprise to me.

More strange news about the tree ….

Was Maria Callas elbowed out for Jackie O?

Apologies..there was a lot to unpack in my Bourne Analogy ….but that film has so often spoken to me even before this nightmare…now I know why …

Hope you have a wonderful weekend…..I think you all will 🙏

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Sweating like a glass blowers arse 🤣brilliant hahaha. Sweating like a whore in church is the one that comes to my mind but Gold goes to Abi 100%

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