Hi Abi I’m a new listener that learner about you from the Dellingpod ... I have really enjoyed your daily dose you have become part of my bed time routine ... what a fantastic eclectic mix of stuff ... and your impersonations what can I say !

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Love hearing all the comments being read out.

Hope you’re all ok?

Have a great weekend 💖

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My daughter played me a song from about 9 years ago. Parolo Nutini iron skys. Have a listen.

Have a great weekend Abi Family.

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fAbi podcast (see what I did there!) It’s like having a friend round for half an hour every evening!

I did buy the Father Men book on prayer, in the Kindle version, (An Inner Step Toward God) and all I can say is how lucky were you to have met him and to be baptised by him. Such wise words...things like prayer is about using your own words in the same way that you wouldn’t read a conversation from a book...about kneeling...about making the sign of the cross which you mentioned (right to left?) and which I haven’t done for donkey’s years but maybe I’ll start again.

Thank you Abi and please...I’d love to know more about how you met him and what his presence was like if you ever wanted to talk more about him.

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Sep 22·edited Sep 22


Elon Musk, Starlink and wannabe intellectual Cont!

Lawrence Fox, Cigar and thespian CONT!

Andrew Tate, questionable homosexual and 100% human trafficking otter CONNT!

John Campbell, Da COVID grifting fokking connt!


Russell Brand, Dry your eyes cont!

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Hey everyone, I know a couple of times Abi and also one of our community has been asking about a holistic dentist, I have a fabulous holistic dentist who is also a friend for a long time. His name is Shabir Pandor and he works in 44 Harley Street 0207 580176076 sapandor@aol.com I also have his mobile if anyone has problems. Shabs has supported me with various issues over the years (I use an electric wheelchair), and he has a great breadth of knowledge of holistic (as well as orthodox) medicine and healing modalities.

But most importantly, for you all, I went to an NHS dentist to have a filling years ago and it was really uncomfortable afterwards and it didn’t get less sore, I went back to her and she couldn’t sort it out, but when I went to him straight away five minute got rid of the air bubble that was locked in. He also treats my mum. Don’t be put off by the fact that he smokes, and he has a very enigmatic manner. He’s an unusual person, but he is absolutely fully awake and so is his hygienist the lovely Andrea. I listen to Abi daily and I am lucky enough to have a mum who brought me into the world and didn’t even vaccinate me as a child, and has taught me holistic and nutritional medicine, my whole life, as well as all the other things that people are now finding out about organic, animal products, and Whole Foods, real unadulterated oils and fat is good, all the harmful toxins/hormones in the food, et cetera.

Godspeed everyone!

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The ET impression.. brilliant 😆

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Oh Abi will look forward to listening to you Spotify playlist.

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I was just wondering, is your character Kathy Crunt based on Anne Diamond?

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Have a great weekend Abi and you wonderful SubStackers. I’ve got a 40th birthday bash this afternoon, the woman is a branch covidian🤦🏼‍♀️ 5 jabs so far and probably lining up for the 6th 💉and flu💉 It’s extended family so I need to attend but I will give it an hour and then sneak off home😂

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Your bloody hilarious

Thank you, LOL

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It's the giggles at the terror the shills and ilk push to the blind. . Fuks sake abi, I have missed giggling away with my earpod in ln one ear whilst strangers walk by probably thinking I'm on day release. THANK YOU 👍💙

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Have finally caught up Abi. Have had you on repeat for days while I'm doing my final packing up before moving house.

In between proper big gaffaws at your impressions .. I've jotted down names of books to buy ... Art to enjoy ... Music to listen to ... People to follow on social media ... Netflix series, films & documentaries to watch.

It's always good hearing comments from the original fam and great that you've attracted a legion of new peeps since your chat with JD.

Thank you for all you give, including the laughs.

Being seeing you wonderful girl .. on your next episode. 😘 xx

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Dr Cartland is also an ambassador for The People's Health Alliance.


I believe there's an awake, holistic dentist in West Dorset. Will find out if anyone is close by.

Dr Sam had a horrible time. The GMC tried to take his license to practice away. Awful.

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I'm quite surprised at how much I like you reading out my comments! It's such a good idea.

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Those comments from the twitter trolls make me so angry.They are obviously trying to make you shut up.Having lost my parents,before all this, and many old friends since the vaccine rollout, I certainly wouldn't have minded a stranger asking questions at their funerals!

I'm not a fan of Russell Brand either but we have to remember that he is one of the first, who now has 1million plus followers on Rumble, that they want to shut up for good.He's been getting lots of truths about the WEF's agenda out to the masses.We also cannot forget that it was Tony Blair who brought in the idea of 'hate speech '.The powers that be will be calling any truthful facts, that go against their ideas, misinformation or hate speech from now on.

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