Wow! What a powerful and important letter from Wendy showing the complete inhumane way residents and families were treated by the care home staff through the vile restrictions placed on all of society.

I understand that people feared losing their jobs, I do, but there were others who stood by their principles and refused the jabs because they knew they were 'bad '. I'm sure of that. They lost their jobs. Maybe all of those who have pushed this shit show should lose their livelihoods.

To Wendy, I so understand how you feel about friends who have fell for the lies and propaganda. I think all those listening here will sympathise with you. The feelings of guilt too. I know I feel guilty about not doing more to help my sons, but there was so much pressure on all of us to comply, so we shouldn't be hard on ourselves, but its hard isn't it ?because you would do anything to protect your family and we were stopped from doing so.

I salute you for breaking the rules when you could and giving your dad a much needed hug. That took real courage in the circumstances.

As Abi says its not over and we will never forget the brutality of it all.

I hope you make the letters in to a book or some sort of record Abi, so that in the future people can see the impact and damage deliberately done by our own government.

Thanks again Abi for sharing these moving accounts. Sometimes it's hard to take in the nightmare of what has been done, but thank you xx

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Thank you Abi, what a really emotional letter from Wendy.. I agreed too, about doctors and nurses, who of course without doubt know exactly what's going on, and say nothing in fear of losing their life's work, and jobs. I am starting to notice on Twitter and Facebook there has gradually been a slowing of the annoying ridiculous 'Misinformation" flags under the posts which simply state true information from the "proper" scientists and epidemiologists! All this must surely come out into the open before too long, hopefully - I'll look forward to the day.. still shaking my head about all this horror..

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Hello Abi , thank you so much ❤️💔

Probably the polio latest is their cover story for jab side effects , like making your bed etc can cause heart attacks.

Your talk with Jennifer was beyond brilliant 🙏

Wendy sorry Is not the word , hearing your testimony . People abandoning their humanity under orders. My wonderful late mother escaped nazi Germany. I heard so much from her. In some ways , many ways, this is worse as its all under the guise of ‘it’s for your own good.’

Bless you . 🌹

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Yes, I love the passion! Thank you.

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Such a powerful and utterly heartbreaking testimonial from Wendy. Every day I have thought of those who had loved ones in care homes. My adored father was in a care home before all this, and although I miss him so much, I was thankful that he missed all this and I didn’t have to manage the horror of him being in care during the tyranny of it all. My heart goes out to Wendy - that would have been my experience had the timing been a few years later - and every day I was thinking about the absurdity and cruelty of it all and astounded at the blind compliance. Thank you Abi for sharing Wendy’s experience with such empathy and love. And sending lots of love to Wendy and her family. ❤️

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If you’re ever up here and fancy a pickled egg and cider? my treat if you’re good I’ll take you to a whippet hunt 👍💋

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Soft southern shite weather doesn’t count hun in Yorkshire it’s cracking flags 🤷🏻‍♂️💋

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What a sad and moving letter from Wendy. The care home that perpetrated this evil and cruelty will have to answer for their misdeeds. They have committed crimes against humanity and I believe will eventually be punished. Our elderly relatives at the end of their lives deserved so much better.

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