I don’t know where to start, I’ll begin by saying a thankyou to you both for sharing your letters with us all.

Eric, I’m just heartbroken for you. I hope that you have made enquiries for the possibility of seeking legal justice.


Your letter took such bravery, so again, thankyou for sharing.

Abi, as always, thankyou for giving us all a platform.

Sending love to you all 💙

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Did I understand correctly? Eric was vaccinated whilst under anesthesia? Consent was not obtained because in the circumstances he couldn't see the form and it was obtained by "mistake". A contract is not valid if there is mistake. Eric you must see a Solicitor and sue this criminal hospital. Do not let them get away with this crime.

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Thanks Abi and thank you Eric and Jonathan heartbreaking testimonies.

My Dad died suddenly from a pulmonary embolism soon after his 2nd injection…. (I’d begged him not to have them) He started having horrendous nosebleeds and then became very breathless ,his O2 levels were in his boots. When I took him to hospital I told them I thought he had blood clots on his lungs(I knew what was happening)they ignored my comments all they wanted to do was test him for covid. He was negative but they kept testing him despite just having his nose cauterised,on high flow oxygen and worryingly unwell. I said to the nurse ‘are u just going to keep testing him until u get a positive?’ Im glad I don’t know how many times they tested such an unwell man. I was ready for them putting c19 on the death certificate but fortunately they didn’t get their result. The last time he saw my mum she was at his bedside,obediently wearing her mask,this also breaks my heart but at least we got to see him and he got to see my ugly unmasked mug! My family refuse to join the dots,so it makes it doubly hard ,I can’t say or do anything about it….I’m sad and angry,I know it wasn’t my Dad’s ‘time’ x

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Dear Eric , thank you for sharing this with us. My heart goes out to you.

it is so utterly despicable and horrific , and I hesitate to write as the words do not do justice to your experience . No words can we need a new dictionary for Covid crime .

Jonathon , thank you, for sharing as you have . Their methods of silencing staff and sealing patients off from loved ones to speak up for them was the most chillingly and efficiently woven web.

Thank you Abi . Eric . Jonathon .


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These jabs need to be stopped, NOW! They need to stop calling them vaccines. They are harming and killing people and to rub salt in the wounds, our government are ignoring them. For Gods sake, what is wrong with these people? Many people took the jabs in good faith because they thought it was 'the right thing to do' and to 'help protect others '. I never believed the BS but for those who took the jabs and are now suffering...it is unforgivable. They need support and compensation NOW. Not years down the line. It makes me so angry.

I suspect the government aren't acknowledging the injured and bereaved because that will then make them liable for the consequences of the jabs.

I think my brother was injured by the jabs, but as others have said, he won't believe that. He has suffered pain in his pelvis and can't lift his arms any higher than his shoulders without being in excruciating pain. He also suffers a radiating pain from the back of his neck going over his head. I am distanced from my family and he told me this at Christmas. I told him I thought it could be the jab and told him not to take anymore. He had three by this point. I dont know how he is or if he's had any further problems as I said, we are not close. He has had various tests, but doctors don't know what's causing his pain, but I think we all do.

There must be justice for all who have suffered because of the whole covid con.

Thank you to Eric and Jonathan for sharing these experiences. Eric there is a group called VIB vaccine injured and bereaved who are fighting for acknowledgment and compensation from the government. Maybe they could advise you. I think Vicki Spitt is the lady who runs it as her husband was killed by the Pfizer jab.

Best wishes to both of you x

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An ex-colleague and friend was tasked with leading on the vaxx roll-out in my area. My first question to her was what is in the vax. She didn't know. She didn't need to know (her words when questioned). She knew my view points but this was her job. We used to talk regularly but the last time I called her she "missed my call" and sent a text. On that text exchange I mentioned the efficacy following the May Pfizer download - it was ignored. She's a good person and will have to live with what she's done due to ignorance and her unwillingness to question and listen. Mark Crispin Miller outlines deaths from around the world who have "died suddenly", it's heartbreaking as are these Wednesday podcasts from Abi. Susie Dent had her word of the day yesterday as "struthonian" - one who ignores unwelcome facts and buries their head in the sand from the Latin "struthio", "ostrich". This is where we're at. The NHS has become the conduit to enforce this barbaric "regime" we're being subjecting to as Abi says through fear and denial. They've worked in the NHS all their lives and can't accept they've suddenly been played. deep downthough they know this and they've sold their souls for 3 pieces of silver (their pay cheque). The likes of Jonathan find it a lonely path and my heart goes out to him. My thoughts are with Eric that this could be allowed. It doesn't end well for both patients and the professionals. The latter have to live with the consciences. Can they?

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