Each week these letters totally blow me away. I was fighting back tears listening today. The division deliberately perpetrated and stoked during this shit show is unforgivable.

It is like living in a parallel world where we are separated by glass. We can see those on the other side of the glass carrying on like all is well and we're on the other side shouting, screaming and banging on the glass, but they don't hear.

I salute Ali and Claire for speaking out. That takes guts.

Abi, is Tony Blair on your Wall if c***s? Because he's been pushing the vaccine passports for a long time and didn't he say those who did not take up the offer of the jabs were 'idiots!'?

This agenda scares the pants off me, I don't mind admitting, but I agree with Ali, I was born free and will die free!

Love to you all here on substack.

Thanks Abi 🥰x

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Ali, you’re not alone here and never forget that. We are grateful for all you’ve tried to do😊

Claire, we will all support you in your plight. MSM ignore it all. I’m glad you were on Rise with Sonia, I’ll have a watch.

I was on there last week talking about my son’s suicide which lockdown caused.

Again, another topic the MSM are deliberately ignoring.

We will NEVER be silenced!

Sonia was so lovely and empathetic, she’s a beautiful human, as is Abi.

Massive love to you all.. well done Abs👍👏👏💖💖💖

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Dear Abi , thank you all you are doing bringing this horror to light. Tears fell . ❤️ ❤️

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Ali you are not alone, what you describe many of us are going through. I don't know if I will see my parents again before they die because I am banned due to my not taking the injection. Claire so sorry you were duped and for your experience. Keep up the fight.

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🤣thankyou little flirt putting your play girl voice on 😉we’ll have to stop sleeting like this 🙄hope the sun shines for you 👍

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Love to you and your husband Ali. Sometimes I’m just lost for words. Like now 💔

Claire, hello. I saw you recently talking so strongly and eloquently. Sending you love and prayers. Their crimes against humanity will be accounted for. X

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