These testimonies are so, so moving. I say again, they knew that the damage to people's lives would be massive, but did it anyway. THEY DO NOT CARE! They never did. They have an agenda and I am struggling to accept that. I don't want to say too much because I dont want to scare people, but they see us as shit on their shoes and they want rid. The jabs are harming and killing people and yet it continues. They do not acknowledge this and those dead or injured are not being compensated because THEY DO NOT CARE! I listen to these experiences with incredulity. It is so important that you are airing them. My heart goes out to those in the letters today. We need to fight these bastards. I feel so, so angry that they have caused all this heart ache and damage to so many and yet they've moved on now to Ukraine and how Putin is causing the cost of living crisis. Absolute BS! They have caused the crisis through their deliberate incompetence and deliberate policies to crash the economy and we are apparently acceptable collateral damage. I hope they rot in hell. I'm sorry, these are people's lives. Who on earth gave them the right to make these decisions? Thanks Abi xx

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Hello Abi and all like minded friends here. Thank you so much Abi for all you are doing , bringing all the heartbreaking stories to us. We know of all this horror happening to poor souls, but I am just so wild that there are so many ,many people who are completely unaware of the treachery , treason and coercion forced upon the country. Just where is their critical thinking.? Yesterday I was flipping through tv channels, and caught the bragging female scientists promoting their AZ poison, on The One Show.. Also caught them on the sycophantic This Morning, being fawned over by the two creeps. UNBELIEVABLE! Who saw the "Dame" last year receiving the standing ovation at Wimbledon , with an expression looking like she wished the floor would swallow her up? I think they were realising the unfolding horror of it all. I become more angry every day. Now our Human Rights have been swept away, and we'll be forced to accept mandatory poisons . If we refuse, our money will be blocked, we will be forced into quarantine camps, etc etc. I'm 80 and have never known such utter horror in all my long life.. Bye bye everyone, I'll keep reading Abi.. xx

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More heartbreaking testimonies, sending love to those who wrote in.

Abi,you read with such compassion.

So many people have and still are suffering through grief and so much more.

Ben’s 2 year anniversary is looming and the anger I feel is beyond anything I have ever experienced before.

Knowing that the Government’s lies caused my son to take his life weighs heavy and keeps me awake yet again.

Our little Substack family makes me feel less alone.

Thankyou to you and everyone here.

Thanks for the livestream last night, it was great.

Love to you all.... Trudi 💖

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Thankyou Abi for giving people a voice and for all your work and support. We must all keep up the fight and never give in.

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I work mainly for elderly people, and their compliance in this shitshow has driven me round the bend. Many would probably not bother with the jabs but for their 50 something year old children who make sure they have them. In our area they were giving Moderna for the 4th jab, and side effects were getting talked about. Did it stop them? No, they just kept the next day free from engagements because they were expecting adverse reactions ffs.

I found this post very moving. I love listening to you on podcasts such as “Heart of Oak” because you’re the one person who seems to get really passionate on the subject. Please keep on doing what you do Abi xx

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Hi Abi, you are great and loved the GETTR last night. I was talking to a friend at the weekend who has been jabbed and knows a 21 year old who has just suffered a stroke. I asked if he had had the jab. She said oh its j a coincidence. I said how many 21 year olds do you know that have strokes? People still wont believe theyve been conned. Claire’s story heartbreaking.

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Thanks Louise,

Much appreciated, it really is.

I hope you are doing okay 💖💖💖

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These testimonies are heartbreaking, the health bureaucrats are desperate to bring the lockdown protocols back championed by the hysterical media. Monkeypox anyone ?

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Sending love to you Jan 💖

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