Dearest Abi, thank you so much for reading out my email. I forgot to mention we were one month off our 50th wedding anniversary, having been married since we were 18 years old. ( With the usual comments ( "it'll never last") . Thank God I still have my eldest son and lovely family five miles away.

Your comments about music, I am a massive music fan , I love and play 60s and 70s music every day to buck me up , the bluetooth is on from breakfast every day, rock 'n roll is my cheer up all the time!

I giggled at your attempts to reduce your "kangeroo pouch" , I am the same, having been quite immobile after a hip replacement a year ago, and the other other one on the way out (ugh). Because of not being my usual active self, I tended to sit about rather more than I should have.. Trying desperately now to hide myself under floaty summer gear,. :)

My grandson has his own rock band , which he set up at Uni, they are gigging around all the time and have been signed up with their first release , which comes out on Friday 1st July. It's a gorgeous song called Weekend in Paris, very emotional, lyrics and music written by themselves. They are "Mosaics" ( but not the band of the same name from Fife) . They'll be featured on Radio 2, with Jo Whiley, their video which my grandson produced and directed will be up on You Tube very soon. He plays guitar on it, he was actually featured on Killing Eve, ( daft programme) where his guitar playing was dubbed onto a woman playing air guitar! They can be found on Facebook. Very proud of them..

Oops I have rambled on today, thank you so much again Abi for reading my letter, I had to share it with you - we go through dreadful times, but somehow have to pick ourselves up and carry on regardless.. Love to you all, my friends! xx

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Oh Jan,

I’m so desperately saddened by your letter.

I agree with Abi, you really are a wonderful lady. Your son’s suicide , then losing your husband.

My heart breaks for you💔💔💔

When my sister in law was diagnosed with breast cancer, I said the same regarding no cure as pharma make the money.

Love to you Abi for your compassion, you read the letters so well.

Regarding your singing, you’ll have to do an Abi karaoke and we will choose songs 👍🤣🤣

Poor Peter didn’t get his weather report yesterday, I don’t think 🤣🤣🤣

Canny wait to see Crunt

Love to everyone 💖💖💖

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Quality start to the day with a bit of Laura Brannigan,Abi!

Sending lots of love to you Jan.

Talking of cures for cancer, there is a fantastic James Delingpole podcast with Clive De Carle where he talks about this….also some v interesting chat about natural remedies and the like,would highly recommend a listen. Xx

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Darling darling Jan. My God the burden she carries. She has the shoulders of a giant. Bless her. ❤❤❤

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There has always been something very corrupt going on around Cancer. Natural therapists and others are not allowed to make any representations regarding this illness otherwise they can be imprisoned. There was that chap that UK Column were raising money for who was imprisoned in France for simply being innocently involved in selling a non pharma cure- David Noakes I think..

At the end of the day Pharma needs sick people as do Drs otherwise they make no money and are redundant. They want you sick and will do their best to make you sick if you let them. I am really sorry for your loss Jan. As Abi says they are still there with you... Many Spiritualist types say you never really die, only the physical body. Your grandson sounds very talented with his music.

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Wow! Yet another moving letter Abi. There are truly amazing people on here, the salt of the earth as they say😊.

Love the music suggestions btw. I'd recommend a bit of Queen full blast. That'll get you going in the mornings lol😊.

Be seeing you tomorrow xx

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Dear Jan I am so sorry to hear what you’ve been through. My heart goes out to you. Thank you Abi for reading out so well Jans emotional letter with such compassion and empathy. Love to you all. Xx

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Thank you Abi . I do not know anyone else who would or could approach and retell with such complete sensitivity and empathy ❤️❤️

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A true inspiration and I don’t say too often! Hope I get to see you at the March on Saturday….keep laughing Abi….❤️

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