How do.

I’d have loved to have seen the footage of you and Martin trying to stick the wall of cunts posters up, it would’ve been hilarious 😂😂

Shame it didn’t turn out, maybe the cold weather didn’t help with the adhesive 🤷‍♀️

Is sticking them onto something first, ie, plywood an option and then leaning them up against the wall?

Oh, mind you, it would be a ball ache taking them around with you. No... Let’s scrap that dumb idea Trude🤦‍♀️🥴🫣😂

Questions were Great tonight, mine was missed out, but I’ll let you off😉💖

Thoroughly enjoyed hearing about your educational background etc.

Richard Tice and the Chris the iceberg scenario was first class 😂😂😂

Great news regarding baby Will, god love him🥺💔

Have a fab weekend folks👊

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Just saw that there's another Anna on your substack family! Confusing.

This is Anna in Australia. I'll sign off as

Anna in Oz in future comments and I don't have a picture next to my name.

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Yay! Abs you answered my question 😃

I asked about your education because my daughter has just got a scholarship to a private school. I haven’t got a pot to piss in so will be interesting to see how that works out.

Fascinating answer. The people you were surrounded by as a child sound wonderful.

I met you in London. I got a hug at the bar and met Tania. She was brilliant, I got a ‘motherland’ vibe from her. She really was funny and very beautiful but so are you. Xx

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Chris De Burgh 🤣🤣🤣 that's so on the mark..ugh cringe just thinking about it 🤢

Lovely hearing about your education and your folks Abi, so interesting 😊😘

Have a fab weekend guys, its so bloody cold, duvet time soon, the usual rock n roll Friday night 😉😁

See you next week folks


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I need to see Carry on up the Bill Posters now Abi😅

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Name the Cunts… ok, Esther R – can't argue with that!

Try Wallpaper paste?

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Keep calm and carry on cunting 💕

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Dec 10, 2022·edited Dec 10, 2022

We have to watch muppets Christmas Carol every Christmas Abi otherwise my husband would have a major strop! I love polar express. Sounds like you had a really interesting education. I failed my 11 plus exam and ended up at the local comprehensive. During my last year there, one of my teachers asked me what I wanted to do when I left school. I said I wanted to be an artist. She said don't be ridiculous that's like me wanting to be an astronaut! We were supposed to be hairdressers, florists or shorthand typist. So good to hear about baby Will. Hope all will be well.

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How cool world it be to have a virtual wall of cunts where you could click on each one and go into a separate room to explore all their tweets, articles and media videos!

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Abi, I sent you an email about sticking the paper to the Wall of Cunts.

You are right, masks are not part of our culture and we don’t want them to become the norm in this country. Masks are filthy things that only do harm to the wearer and do not prevent infection or transmission.

You very nicely summed up Richard Tice and that awful Isabel Oakeshott. Anyone who is friends with Matt Hancock cannot be trusted.

Enjoy your chilly weekend Abi and SubStack family 💖

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Abi I haven't had a chance to listen yet but thought you would be interested in this post on gettr by Dr Thomas Binder where he says that every doctor should have realised that the house of corona cards was built on nothing but lies, and the injections unnecessary, ineffective and unsafe also e.g Dr Aseem Malhotra!

I'll listen to your podcast a bit later. Have a good weekend everyone.

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I suggest superglue for the Wall. It needs to stand for eternity and never be forgotten!

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