Abi, I’m sorry that you have had such a 🤮day with the WhatsApp group. You are a comedian with views and opinions that don’t sit well with everyone. Too bad, that’s life. The likes of June Slater will have to get over it. I watched the Leilani/ Malhotra interview. I felt as though I was watching a love in.

The transgender nonsense must be a nightmare for parents with school age children.

I hope you have a lovely weekend. Ignore the haters babe. Much love xx💖

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Tracey here😂😂😂

Honestly, I couldn’t stop laughing 😂 why June brought you into the conversation just baffles me. Oh well🤷‍♀️.

I do not agree with personal insults being aimed at you in this WhatsApp group, typical playground, juvenile behaviour.

Would they say these things to your face?

If I’m calling people names, I’d say it to their faces. Feel free to message me and arrange it👍

Fuck them Abs, as I’ve said before, June is a tragic hanger on, she’ll fall off soon enough.

I called her out about her using lockdown suicides to promote herself.... This is why I don’t like her and haven’t done for a long time.

Clip that bitches 😂😂😂

Stu does Starbucks.... Phwoooaar! 😬🫣😂

Sending love to all who’ve contributed to tonight’s pod, especially to Lisa and the little one 💖

Tonight’s pod has made me laugh, thanks Abi and please don’t let others get you down. We know your worth. May I remind you of your little trip to the Southbank. Nobody else on twitter with a substantial amount of followers has done anything like that for me.

Not just for me, but for Benjamin too. Don’t ever doubt yourself or lose sight of the kindness you are encased with.

I’ve got your back, we all have 💖💖💖

Have a great weekend everyone

Much love 💖💖💖


To the woman that said she felt embarrassed when she saw you.

That’s nothing, when I saw Abi, I was waving at her like she was Santa and looked a proper twat. I was so excited. I do now have a restraining order, but that’s just a minor detail 😂😂😂

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I nearly ran my car off the road laughing so much listening to this podcast. Abi you are a shining star 🌟 Don't let the mob get you down. We love you dearly ❤️ I was so sorry to hear Lisa's story about her Mum and Dad. I can relate. I lost 2 years of spending time with my mum. She was locked in a nursing home for 2 bloody years during the shitshow. I'll never forget her crying on the phone because she thought her children had abandoned her because the damn joint wouldn't let us in, vaccinated or not. She never had dementia but her mental state deteriorated so quickly. There are some moments during the day when my heart hurts thinking what she went through 💔. She never ever deserved to go through that. We lost her in July last year at 91 years of age, albeit she went peacefully and I had the privilege of being with her when she went. Thank God she's at peace with Dad. So many thousands had to endure loss. We lost so much 😔

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your energy is infectious

thank you, dear heart

easy to be bland and safe- thanks for not ticking that box

bless you

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“Ooh Abi, you’ve gone off the rails. I find your podcasts boring , yet still listen because I’m rather pathetic you know.

I must dash, I’ve got knitting to do and must soak my feet. It’s my age you see”

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Sounds like you’re better off out of that WhatsApp group Abi, what a shower of shite they are! Despite you having such a crappy day that was one of the funniest podcasts ever, the elephant man doing mastermind was pure comedy gold I was actually crying with laughter - thank you!

By the way your outro with bass sounded just like June Slater saying “in’t it” I thought you were doing a special Lancashire cover version 🤣

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Great Pod....v funny considering the shit day you’ve had. Don’t let the bastards grind you down. I’ve had a similar what’s app cull this week,not fun. Being ‘off the rails’ is the gift that keeps on giving.

Loved the John Merrick impression but June and Princess Diana are exceptional. I will never listen to June’s voice ever again without thinking about this pod 😂

I have been blocked by 5 people on Twitter in around 4 months....never interacted or followed any of them. H from Steps (bizarre cull) Leo Kearse (for associating with Abi) Cat Protection (for sending a pic of my dog to Abi) Anna Brees (for calling her interview excruciating) June Slater (again for associating with Abi and quite possibly for calling her June Shitfield on here and she’s seen it when she’s been spying). 😂

Hope you’re doing ok Trace?

Have a good weekend everyone,hang in there xx

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You have to do you Abi, warts an all. Not everyone will like it because you don't try to water down who you are to please people and the truth can hurt.

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Great show tonight Abs ( as usual ), you got me in full Mutley mode again and as for the Shakespeare and the colour yellow reference I had no idea.. Have a great weekend and you can do me a favour.. DON'T CHANGE....❤❤❤❤❤

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With regards to the WhatsApp pile on it’s a shame that some people can’t take a bit of banter.

Great pod as ever 😊❤️💫 xx

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The fact is most of these people you mention, they haven't a clue what in reality is really going on and how bad this is. And I hope they are reading this because yes, you haven't a clue and especially those saying hooray for Isabelle Oakeshott and Malhotra. They can't see what is real and what is put out to mislead people and that's just for starters. They also sound to have no sense of humour. The difference is Abi is that you get it and you genuinely care and have very high integrity. Who cares what others think if speaking out, if it saves one person then it's worth it.

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Mar 4·edited Mar 4

😂😂😂 good podcast. Elephant man = Anthony Albanese PM of Australia with his new teeth. As for 80s porn stars, anyone remember the young guy from Blue Peter who was sacked when his porno days came out? And what about Valerie Singleton? Was it all a hotbed of lust? Get down, Shep! No wonder that female ginge presenter's hands were shaking. Yes to criminal proceedings against our governments, but at the moment I think the social contract between people and government has been broken and I don't trust any systems. It's either civil disobedience ie refusal to pay taxes and energy bills or worse. I'm putting trust in my local community, cash + farmers markets/home grown food and bartering. Sod the whats app group.

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Don't take any shit from the haters Abi were all 100% behind you. That blowey joke you made cracker me up as a lot of your podcasts do because you are one fucken funny comedian. 💖Have a good weekend xx

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Don't let the bastards get you down Abi! Like Stu said in the comments 'Don't change '. We love you just the way you are...isn't that a song lyric? 😁. Anyway great pod tonight Abi, see you Monday. Have a lovely weekend all 🥰xx

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Terrific outro, the energy! 😅

Glad you didn't get to my (email) question considering the day you've had today, I consider it shelved unless you're thinking of taking a case of grenades and watch that shrapnel fly 😝

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Dr. Paul Elias Alexander's Substack Newsletter: on Dr Malhotra


Have a lovely weekend xx

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