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Get yourself over to Truth Social Abi. Lots of Brits joining. 👍🏼

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That poem was truly world class, thankyou so much Ian for recommending it and thanks Abi for reading it out so eloquently.

For me at a glance, it is signifying secrets, ones that they feel they should share, but too afraid to do so for whatever reasons.

It appears to have the ,”I’ll just keep quiet and get on with it” ideology.

I may be completely wrong 🤷‍♀️

I am going to read it again, this is the kind of thing I love, to read a poem, analyse and write essays on.

I miss my English Lessons.

I’d be disgruntled too Abi if I saw toddlers wearing masks, utter Chiid abuse and I don’t care what anyone says😡

I’m glad it’s cooled down a bit, my new freezer arrived and I’ve just hand washed my new bra🤣🤣 I seriously need to get a life🤷‍♀️🤣

Thanks again for this poem Ian, you’ve made my day👏👏👏

Have a great evening everyone 💗

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Abi, thank you gor reading the poem, it really hit a nerve. We met at the last March in July (Ellys friend).

I have a substack and I am writing for The White Rose from time to time, how will I send you a poem to read out that might help others who gave lost friends and family to this bloody madness, because of the aim to drive people apart and who may feel alone?

Best, Cherry

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Ps you are lucky you are in your pants, just moved and can’t find what I’ve done with mine! Put them in a sack to avoid embarrassment from the removers and they’ve gone missing 😂🤣🤣. I’m down to 5 pairs. May have to turn them inside out 😂😂

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I still see a few people wearing masks when I'm in the supermarket and I just shake my head. As Trudi says it is child abuse. It's putting adults fears on to their children. I believe these people aren't going to make it in the new world that's upon us and i expect they're jabbed to the eyeballs just like our lovely friend of Cathy's, Carole Malone 😉.

I liked the poem. I've had to listen to it again. The old brain cells don't work too well 😁. When it says 'we nod and smile for the social '. That made me think about when you meet others and we all say how are you? I will always say I'm fine when a lot of the time I'm not. I don't want to be miserable so I keep it light hearted. We all have worries and concerns that come and go , but being British is about having a stiff upper lip and getting on, not burdening others with your worries. So a lot of the time I think we carry things with us. Maybe to do with protecting those we love?...Also the last verse has just made me think of soldiers who returned from both world wars who never spoke of what they saw.

'But the best men die of a broken heart for the things they cannot tell'. Could be about the horrors of war and friends lost. Anyway interesting stuff. Thanks Abi xx

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Toddlers in masks 😡🤬😡 can’t even put into words my feelings on that.

Love love love the poem.....it resonates,thank you Iain. I am going to listen to it again and probs again. If I didn’t know he was an older poet I’d have said it was written over the last 2 years.....(I know the ‘masks’ he speaks of are probs metaphorical) but it’s certainly got a feel of what we are going through,especially the battle at times to bite your tongue/keep things in coz the sleepers don’t wanna hear it. Would be good to hear Iain’s take. I fucking love these daily chats Abi,thank you 😍

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Brilliant Abi and Ian, thank you . Not heard of the Poet before but he clearly suffered during his life and would have been just as relevant to our times before the Plandemic let alone now.

Silence harms from the inside out.

I’m still seeing drivers out on their own complete with the whole masked man charade. In the words of the great Tracy Chapman “if not now, then when?”..

Love to all ❤️

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I feel that poem is going to strike a chord with many people for a variety of reasons. It touched my heart.

Ooh I will so look forward to Cathy. Tmoz.

It’s so funny imagining you going round buying all these various colour wigs🤗😂😂😂

Keep us laughing xx

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Great poem and thought provoking, will look him up. Introduced Cathy to someone today, he responded by saying, the time is half past mass psychosis! Think he was impressed 🤣

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The Things We Dare Not Tell, loved reading the comments about how others have enjoyed and construed it 🙂.

Agreed Karen 'I feel that poem is going to strike a chord with many people for a variety of reasons', Trudi 'signifying secrets, ones that they feel they should share, but too afraid to do so for whatever reasons', Heather 'Silence harms from the inside out', Jules metaphorical masks, yes.

A beautiful reading of that well, yes, challenging poem 😁. So much I feel we must not tell these days is how it jumped out at me, muzzled by masks of deceit in a world gone mad. And at a personal level with four grown up children, one on my wavelength (thank goodness!), one pink pilled (can get through but only only in slow motion and only so far), one temperamental woke madam and one complete woke loon (been at Uni way too long).

So to maintain the peace it's all about knowing what we dare not say. We can nod and smile the social while, things we must not tell. The world would be such a kindly world if all men's hearts lay bare. Not around here it wouldn't, the nukes come out!

Such is life. You do the best you can and stand by your principles. We live and share the living lies.

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Henry Lawson - poet of the people. I’ll be looking into more of his work. Nothing new under the sun. Humanity always wins through.

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Toddlers in masks how vile. Truss god help us all another paid up globalist.

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Excellent analysis Louise, such a great choice of poem to read👍💗

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Toddlers in masks is child abuse. It breaks my heart to think of the damage that is being done to our children in the name of covid. Then when they are old enough to go to school they are hit with the trans and gender shit show. I fear for their future.

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Is it just a standard telegram channel search ? There was such a wait to join initially that I didn’t pursue . Thanks! xx

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